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Following the first Little Prod’ Update published on the blog, we are back with the Little Prod Update 2 and its very last minute news! Please extend a warm welcome to our three guests of the day: Sonic Xtra by Tsume, Rei HQS by Tsume, and finally Jiraiya Xtra by Tsume! (yeah, him again!)

Sonic Xtra

The boxes of the speediest ninja have been approved by the rights holders and printed! Thus, the figures bearing the effigy of the ultimate fighter are currently in transit and will be available for dispatch to our private and professional customers during the month of September.


The new head of the master of Nanto Sei Ken has been approved and all heads are being painted! Guided by the Star of Justice, the statues will be available for dispatch to our private customers during the month of September.

Jiraiya Xtra 

The Pervy Sage has never prowled so close to our warehouses! Indeed, the legendary ninja is in the next container which will arrive next week in Luxembourg, very excited to visit your home in a short time!

⚠️Please, note that the pictures illustrating this article are just an indication as the colors are not a reflection of reality, depending on the brightness of the room.

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To be continued… very soon …so shortly …no more ideas for synonyms coming into my mind right now…again!

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