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Hello everyone!

We are pleased to see you here again after this lockout period. In this article, we will give you information about the situation over the past weeks, before enlightening you on what is going to happen in the coming weeks.

First of all, note that the various statues produced before the establishment of the lockout period could not be repatriated to our headquarters and distribution point, as the Chinese government measures no longer allowed it at that time.

Therefore, this global lockout period has slowed down activity considerably. Staff based at the company's headquarters, like those based in China, found themselves confined for several weeks. This applied to the employees working on the production sites as well as contributors involved in the supply chain. The reason is that the carriers had to be requisitioned to supply the essential goods during this period, as the borders were notably closed.

Similarly, production has slowed down during the lockout period due to the decrease in resources (human, transport, supply, etc.). These are now resuming gradually.

At the beginning of May, we were able to resume shipments of the statues received before the lockout, allowing us to unclog the stocks in the warehouse. Note that these statues had to be carried out by pallet as the sending of individual packages was not possible at that time.

This was the news for the past weeks.  In the coming days, we will publish an article about the delivery and production of the various statues and figures, as we are now waiting for some informations from our international partners. Therefore, we will be able to communicate concrete information to you.

In the meantime, we wish you all, as well as your loved ones, a good recovery!

See you soon,

The Tsume Art team

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