Six Paths Obito

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As with all our new Ikigai, Obito is on short pre-order. You will find all the details in the article linked below.
A first waveof Six Paths Obito Ikigai is already on the vessel and the first shipments can be made very soon. Also enjoy 10% off on your order of Obito if you have already another pre-order in progress.
1 / 6 eme
18 X 36 X 41 CM
MARCH 2024 - Q.3 2024

- Jinchûriki -

4th Ikigai of the Naruto Shippuden license, Obito is represented in his Jinchûriki form of Jûbi, after he managed to completely control it during the 4th Great Ninja War. One can notice the Chakra orbs surrounding him, the growths and Magatama marks on his body.


The base represents the Divine Tree, i.e. Jûbi in its original form.
The Chakra seed on the base provides a superb contrast with Obito..

- Shakujo-

Obito is here shown ready to attack, his fearsome Shakujo made of black Chakra in his left hand and an orb ready to be thrown in his right hand.

Art Direction / Concept Art / Paint: Tsume Team - Fabio Rossi

©2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO / 2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.