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18 X 36 X 36 CM
QUARTER 3 2023 - Q1 2024

This statue depicts Rock Lee revealing his true power and impressive shinobi abilities, resulting from an unerring determination and extreme training! Inspired by the episodes "Gaara vs Rock Lee, The Power of Youth Explodes" and "The Fifth Gate: A Splendid Ninja is Born" from Naruto, Might Guy’s favorite student shows here his perfect mastery of taijutsu in his fight against Gaara! Allowed by his sensei to remove his weights, he frees himself dropping them loudly to the ground in a cloud of whitish resin dust, as observed on the base. The taijutsu expert, looking like his master in his green jumpsuit with Konoha headband belted at the waist and orange gaiters, can now use his incredible speed and great power! Concentrating all of his strength, with his pupils turning white and his darker complexion, his visible veins and black hair thrown into the air, Rock Lee is seen here opening the fourth Gate of Pain and then the fifth Gate of Limit to totally unleash his flow of chakra and go beyond his limits! As seen with the blue chakra flames emanating from his body and the moving headbands around his arms, he sets out to use his unstoppable speed and ultimate technique to shatter the sand armor of his indestructible adversary: the Reverse Lotus Flower! Throwing his opponent into the air, the «nice guy» embodying the Power of Youth reminds everyone that he will not back down from anything, ready to win any fight as a real shinobi!