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1 / 6 eme
18 X 36 X 25 CM
Quarter 3 2024 - Q4 2024

- Hunter -

Main protagonist of Hunter X Hunter, Gon joins the Ikigai range!
Depicted in his traditional green outfit, Gon carries one of his Jajanken-based attacks.

- Jajanken : Paper -

Third attack of the Jajanken, paper uses the Emission’s Nen. Palm open, Gon projects his aura by materializing it in an energy ball. This technique is very useful for ranged attacks.

- Determination -

Gon is characterized by his unwavering determination to achieve his goals, often guided by a childlike innocence. This combination of traits drives him to pursue his dreams with a passionate intensity, well represented on this ikigai through Gon's eyes.

The Hunter X Hunter Ikigai collection will consist of at least 4 characters.
Next hunters are coming soon !

Direction artistique / Concept art / Peinture : Tsume Team - Flavio Gallo

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