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Artistic direction / 2D Concept: Tsume Team
3D: Tsume Team
1 / 6th
18 x 36 x 34 cm
Quarter 3 2022 - Quarter 1 2023
Do you like surprises? Enjoy an ultra collector one with the Ultimate Edition! A different version of the Ikigai statue with one or more modifications compared to the initial Regular Edition and a print run that will not exceed 30% of the limited edition! Want to know more, here we go!
« I wanted to become stronger than anyone. It’s suddenly acting like a wild animal! (…) Plus Ultra… Prominence Burn !!! » - Endeavor

Meet the No. 1 Hero Enji Todoroki –Endeavor battling High-End in Fukuoka, in the Pro Hero Arc! The Nomu demands to fight the strongest hero, he is in the right place! As Endeavor engages in a fight to the death, we see him bounding, his gaze burning and his face masked in flames, in his navy blue No. 1 costume and his boots crisscrossed with fire, firmly resolved to establish his unbeatable status! His belt wears the kanji "Flame" (炎) evoking his deadly Quirk. Thanks to his Indomitable Will and Enhanced Strength, the Flame Hero surpasses his own limits. Shouting the motto he hates so much, he projects his ultimate Plus Ultra Prominence Burn attack: a massive concentrated beam of fire reducing the Nomu to ashes, as evidenced by the effects and deadly flames of the inferno spreading at his feet…

Regular Edition: 1260 pieces
Ultimate Edition: 540 pieces

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