Recognize an official product

All our statues are under official licenses, our projects and statues are all approved by the rightful owners of the licenses at different stages of the creation process.

All our resin statues are certified by
a certificate of authenticity and a numbered plaque.

Technical Characteristics of the Product

The specifications (measures, license, materials, estimated shipping window, etc.) of the product are indicated on the product sheet.

Please note that each product is provided with assembly instructions, also accessible from the product sheet.

It is recommended to wait until your statue is at room temperature before assembling it. To do this, you must wait at least 24 hours before assembly.

The Different Ranges By Tsume  

There are currently two ranges of PVC figurines, the Xtra range and the HQF range, and three ranges of resin statues, which are Ikigai (a character in a dynamic pose on a defined base, 1/6 scale), MUB (My Ultimate Bust, 1/1 scale), and HQS (High Quality Statue, 1/8 to 1/4 scale.)

The HQS range is divided into three categories:

HQS, HQS Dioramax (exceptional staging) and the ULTRA HQS range (non-standard concept.)

To learn more about our resin statue line, click here.

Tsume also offers a range of clothing via the Iki brand, and board games via the Yoka brand, also under official licenses.

Upcoming Product Release Dates

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