Waiting List

What is a waiting list?

Our resin statues are limited editions, so they are not reissued. The waiting list allows, once stocks are exhausted, to have a chance to acquire the statue in case of cancellation of order and works like this:


At the opening of the sales for a new product.

Sold out

When all the pieces are sold, the product becomes "Sold Out."

Opening of
the waiting list

A link on the product sheet appears to allow you to register.

How does it work ?


Go to the product sheet and click on the link "Add me to the waiting list."


If an order is cancelled and you are next on the list, you will receive an email notifying you that the desired item has been added to your cart.


Maximum time to confirm your order. If no confirmation is received, the item will be assigned to the next customer on the list.


Validate your cart. You are the lucky owner of a Tsume statue!

How long does the waiting list remain open?

These lists remain open until all statues have been delivered.