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Hello everyone !

The TSUME FAN DAYS 5 are over!  

I still can't believe those three days have gone by, after all those months of hard work and planning. :) 

A big THANK YOU to all the people who came to meet us and shared their passion with us during that long week end. 

Here is for everyone a little summary of what happened at the Casino 2000 of Mondorf les Bains :)

For those who were lucky enough to be among us, and for those who followed the event through the livestream of Marie or our Youtube Channel, do not hesitate to read and do a short trip back in time to bath once more in the atmosphere of those Fan Days!

The conferences

Quite a few conferences were planned with the TSUME staff and with our Japanese guests.

We introduced the new publishing branch and the authors and artists of our future mangas Imperium Circus and Ragnafall. By the way, the tome Zero was given as a gift in the present bags. Did you read it? Are you more into "underground circus fights" or "Epic Norse Gods battles"?  

  • The conference of our Japanese guests

Our four guests, Masashi Kudo, Shigeyasu Yamauchi, Saori Nakashiki and Masahiko Ohkura talked about their work and what brought them to the world of animation.

  • The Final Fantasy 9 conference

That came as a big surprise for everyone! We had managed to keep the secret about this new partnership with Square Enix to create a HQS on the license Final Fantasy 9.

  • The conference on the TSUME apps

I must say I was quite nervous about being the anchor for this conference. :D We talked about the future application of TSUME called Planets by TSUME. It will allow you to read the manga in a dynamic way, accumulate loyaulty points (with a retroactivity system that we still have to figure out) and even check out your collection! At the moment we only have a rough framework, but this is very promising. I am looking forward to the end of the year :)  

The new announcements 

During the event, 4 statues went on preorder. 

  • Gaara " A father's hope, a mother's love" HQS by TSUME

A new interpretation of the character of Gaara, 8 years after the very first HQS by TSUME, who offers two different posings for Gaara and a very delicate composition.  

  • Chap 0: Heroes in terror HQS by TSUME

One of the most badass statue of Krillin! Little monsters flying all around, a LED system and a very dynamic composition, I love it!

  • Trafalgar D. Water Law HQS+ by TSUME

Another big surprise of those TFD5! The first HQS+ by TSUME of One Piece with the nontheless charismatic Trafalgar Law staged on the Island of Green Bit :)

  • Athéna HQS+ by TSUME

And to finish, my favorite, the first HQS+ by TSUME of Saint Seiya, the Goddess of War Athena! This is one of the masterpiece of Tsume, and a girl to boot! Everytime I look at the product's pictures, I feel like I'm watching a painting taken right out of the anime. 

  • Les 3 nouvelles XTRA by TSUME des Hokage 

Another well kept secret! The prototypes of those 3 Hokage from Naruto Shippuden were ready since last year, but we wanted to show you the final factory result. And I must admit they were really worth the wait!

  • The new IKI collection 

On Saturday, Laura unveiled the first part of the new IKI collection with the Evangelion hoodies and the Naruto Shippuden vest. The next part should arrive in September with the first dress! Girl power! 

  • The new YOKA games

During the event, you could try the new boardgames developped by YOKA by TSUME. Among the new releases were the One Punch Man, the Arkans and Orodeloro boardgames. The prototype of the Saint Seiya boardgames was also there for you to test. 

  • The new licenses

It was over all 6 new licences that were announced this time and not the least! Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy 9, Boruto, Predator, Imperium Circus and Ragnafall. We hope you'll be looking forward to them ;)

  • The WIP

The TFD are also the occasion to show you what we are currently working on. :) This time, three new projects were unveiled, among which a new range of products: "My Ultimate Bust by TSUME", an ambitious project which goal is to create the bust of your dream by allowing you to choose some option to customize your statue.  

  • Predator

  • Naruto & Kurama

Fans who attended the event discovered the new collaboration on the Naruto series, with our partner KANA HOME VIDEO. This time, TSUME will create the statue that will come with the blu ray collector box of the series. A statue with an original posing, who aims to show the complex relationship betweek the young Naruto and the nine tail fox, Kyubi.  

  • Berserk "Golden Age" HQS+ by TSUME

One of the most important work in progress shown was the sculpture of the statue of Berserk « Golden Age » HQS+ by TSUME, an impressive and beautiful masterpiece, showing Guts and Griffith in their fight against Zodd. A fresco all around the base shows the different parts of the story, while a behelit slowly awakens. This will be a must have for any fan of the series.  

The entertainment 

Each day ended with a relaxing time. A mentalist/hypnotist show by Giorgio on Saturday night reminded us a bit of the atmophere of Imperium Circus. 

On Sunday we had the opportunity to see two great one man show by Roman Frayssinet and Greg Romano.  

Monday ended with the concert of the Princessed Leya, the new group of our friends Dedo and Antoine Schoumsky.

And the surprise guest was Faf larage coming to sing the "It's over 9000" song!

The contests

Two contests took part during the event.   

  • A treasure hunt where the clues where hidden a little bit everwhere in the event and allowed you to find the name of the future manga licence of TSUME: Paperman.  
  • A photo contest with the #TFD5 

By the way, here is the winner with 20,7% of the team's votes. Congratulations! I will contact your today.

Here is a selection of the pictures that we really liked as well. A big thank you to all the participants! 

The atmosphere 

This year, the event was really branded TSUME. The two main thema being the new manga licences Imperium Circus and Ragnafall. On Saturday, cotton candy, candy apple and popcorn were available for the guest to remind a bit the circus thema, while on Sunday, blue granita were a reminder of the northern continents. Be it the table runner, the exhibition or the life size statues, the new TSUME licences were in the spotlight the whole week end!

We hope you had a good time in our company. As for us, it was a real pleasure to share those 3 days with you ! 


Have a good week end !


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