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Stand Cinephil' Store X Tsume

Last week end was held Made in Asia in Brussel. Tsume took part in the event with the collaboration of its premium shop Cinephil' Store.

A big thank you to everyone that came to our booth at Made in Asia!

For the occasion, we were with our Premium shop Cinephil' Store.

Some HQS were also displayed, as well as our new figures Standing Character (SC) of the series Naruto Shippuden

The most awaited statue was Robin HQS by Tsume.

The lady did quite an good impression at the event. We'll soon make an article dedicated to this statue in order to talk about the artistic choices and decisions that were taken regarding her production.

Aside from the HQS, Iki by TSUME apparel were also there presented by the brand designer Laura.

A little surprise for Laura was the visit of the guest of Made in Asia, Mr Chikashi Kubota, character designer and director of the animation of the series One Punch Man.

To celebrate his attendance of the event, we sold our figure Saitama Xtra by Tsume.

Our boardgame branch Yoka by TSUME also attended the event in the YOUPLAY hall.

Visitors were able to test our new DREAMLAND game made with the collaboration of Reno Lemaire, who created brand new illustrations just for the game.

They could also test the game Terraformars.

As well as Naruto Shippuden the boardgame.

That's it for the event's news

Let's now have a look at the production of the statues and figures.

Regarding Ichigo, Aiolia and Lucy, the cargos are finally arriving. The Chinese New Year had postponed their departure, but they are now arriving little by little this month. You should have already received the confirmation e-mail for Ichigo. Lucy will follow soon, and then Aiolia.

Regarding Robin, a prod point dedicated to the statue will be made as soon as we have the final version of the factory in a few days in order to explain our choices in terms of sculpture and material used.

The production of Hashirama is going well and is planned for around June.

Vegeta and Genos are still under production.

The T1 painted of Komachi has been received and there are very few corrections to make.

The master tool of Ace is being made.

The Xtra of Minato and Hinata, as well as the HQF of Luxus and Mirajane are still awaiting an approval.

The SC of the series Naruto Shippuden will arrive soon on the website. They will be followed later on by the SC of Fairy Tail.

Grendizer is going well (below is a picture of the painted T1).

Azzar'hi is advancing well too. Here are the latest production pictures.

Regarding the next release, the TSUME LIVE on Dragon Ball Z is planned for the 15th March at 8pm GMT+1.

At this occasion, we will talk about the new showcases ENZAN by TSUME. I wanted to write a little word about them before the LIVE.

Those showcases are made of a base and a top of 5 PMMA frame.

They are stackable (2 showcases max).

At the beginning, the LED system will not be included, but in the future, we will offer several options to customize them. I will talk a little more about them in another article.

At the moment, you can only preorder them as a pack with the new HQS released on the 15th. Visuals will be shown during the LIVE.

We hope you'll join us for this new TSUME LIVE.

That is the latest info to date.

The article on Robin is planned in two week as we need time to receive the sample and book an appointment with our photographer to take pictures.

Thank you again for your support.

See you soon.



© Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

© ONE, Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA, Hero Association HQ

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