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Shipment waves, how and why.

Hello everyone !

Shipments of Majin Vegeta HQS+ by TSUME have started :)

The statues of Grendizer HQS+ by TSUME and The cold wrath of Goku HQS by TSUME are also arriving starting next week.

The team is working day in day out to bring them out to you \(*´▽`*)/  

I received some messages on the social networks to ask me how we were handling shipments, so here is a little article just for you. 

1) Why do we do shipment waves?

a) The space on the production chain of the factory is limited.  

We cannot push walls (^_^;)

We thus have to produce in successive waves. Indeed smaller elements can be mass-produced easily, but the mounting and the quality check phases of the whole statue requires a lot of space. 

I have made a little drawing to illustrate this issue. 

The available space is thus divided among all the productions which allows us to move forward on several models and optimize production time. Each model requires a different crafting time, which is why with a complex planning of the production in waves, we can make it so statues from different preorder time are released almost at the same time and quicker. 

For example, in the case of Vegeta, a production step has been added with the LED system set up, and quality controls take more time due to the test of the light sequences and the sound. For HQS+ we have also decided to up the game by improving the certificate and the metal plate. This statue was a real challenge for the team and we are very proud of the result. Once the production is done, we have more challenges awaiting us.  

Once a part of the production is finished, she is shipped to us and the factory proceeds with the second wave of the production, and so on.

b) Shipments take up a lot of space in our warehouse.  

The TSUME warehouse in Luxembourg is not expandable either. The logistics thus had to plan all the arrivals and the shipments depending on the available space. 

Why not rent a bigger warehouse? Well, first because the production itself is already in waves, and second because the carriers also have a daily capacity. For Vegeta, the sheer size of the box make it so we can only put 4 boxes on one pallet ( ゚ Д゚) ! So in the end, we prefer to optimize shipments instead of having statues piling up in a bigger warehouse.  

The two people at the logistics ship the equivalent of a 50 sqm flat everyday :) That's a good way to build muscles (^v^)

2) When are the statues shipped? 

You will find below the production shipments planned for Grendizer, Vegeta and Goku (Indicated by shipping date from Luxembourg) as well as their distribution between preorders online, premium shops and retailers. We did our best to shorten the waiting time, but we would like to ask in advance for your understanding and your patience if you should not receive your statue within the first wave.   

  • Majin Vegeta HQS+ by TSUME  

Shipments for online preorders: from mid-March, then from June

Shipments for PREMIUM shops/China: from the beginning of April, then in July

Shipments for retailers: from August

  • The cold wrath of Goku HQS by TSUME 

Shipments for online preorders: from the end of March then from end of June

Shipments for PREMIUM shops/China: from the end of June

Shipments for retailers: from mid-July

  • Grendizer HQS+ by TSUME 

Shipments for online preorders: from the beginning of April then from the beginning of July

Shipments for PREMIUM shops: from mid-April then from the beginning of July

Shipments for retailers: from the beginning of August

(Note : There will be no shipments in May due to the preparation of the TSUME FAN DAYS 5. Of course, shipments of Aiolos, Ace or Genos will be done in parallele once the statues are ready. We will talk about it next time.)

3) How do shipments work? Who receive their statue first?  

In order to ensure your address is up to date, 1 or 2 weeks before the statue arrive in Luxembourg, we send an address confirmation e-mail to all the people who have preordered the statue online. We also ask that you input a valid phone number. 

• For a preorder made on the previous website: you just need to reply to the e-mail and send the correct information, or let us know your address has not changed.  

• For a preorder on the current website: Please follow the link in the e-mail to confirm your address.  

Once we have received your information, the address is confirmed (note: we do not send any e-mail to confirm the update of your information. Please ensure you have entered your details correctly). 

The address listing file is then forwarded to the shipping department that proceeds with shipments.  

For the next statue shipments (Aiolos, etc...), we will implement a system that will take into consideration the time of preorder, provided you have confirmed your address in due time.  

To summarize, we distribute the productions as follow:

1/ Shipments to the preorders of our website that have been fully paid in advance (20 to 40% of the production)

2/ Shipments to the Premium shops as soon as we receive the full payment (5 to 7% of the production)

3/ Shipments to shops in the EU and China as soon as full payment is received (35 to 55% of the production)

3bis/ Shipments to the shops outside of the EU as soon as full payment is received (Usually done at the same time as step 3) (10 to 25% of the production)

4) What do we do once we receive a statue?  

Once you receive your statue, please check everythin is fine and leave your statue at room temperature 24h before mounting it. 

We are also going to upload unboxing of our statues on our youtube channel so you can get advices on how to set it up. The one for Vegeta is already available here:  


Vegeta was a real challeng on many aspect (technical, artistic, production wise) and we are very proud of the way the team faced this challenge.  

Not only is it our first 1/4th statue, it is also the first to include a complex LED system with sound. The certificate and metal place have also been upgraded.  

We have improved the ligthning and reworked the energy waves and Cyril went with part of the Luxembourg staff to China to check the production. You can find some of the pictures here : https :// january  

We are aware that you are eager to receive your statue and we would like to thank you in advance for your patience. The shipments for Goku and Grendizer will start soon. Keep an eye on your e-mail box. :)

5) What does the future hold?  

We are doing our best to optimize production and make it so our shipments reflects the time of your preorder on the website. 

We are also rethinking our shipment system in order to offer you more option to receive your statue. We will tell you more as soon as this is confirmed.  

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for some great news about the TFD5 this week and the next. 

Should you have any question, remember you can contact us with a private message on Facebook page or through the "support" tab on the website. 

See you soon.


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