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Production updates for October !

Hello everyone! Time flies. The Fan Days are already over, the new IKI by Tsume collection is finally out and we are now going forward and working on production and shipping.   14581301_762735680533413_6298681021483435742_n But before we start, our boss would like to share a word with you :)  

Hello everyone. It has been six year since we started learning about this world and this year again, we have learned a lot. During the year 2017, we are going to work uphill a lot more. Thanks to you, TSUME is more solid that ever and we are going to use all this trust to get even better. We are going to put efficient process in place to revise production delays of future products. In the meantime, know that we will not look for excuses for our production delays, whatever the problem we encounter, it's up to us to fix them and try to make sur we keep our delays. I apologize personnaly and in the name of the whole team and I'm commiting to refund any preorder of people who would be unhappy with the postponements of the release date. You will find below a few points that we have promised in the past and that are finally coming to be.
  1. A painter dedicated to the aftersale service has been chosen and is currently working on your statues issues. You patience will bear fruits. Welcome to Eric.img_0526
  2. A new English speaking staff has joined the team in order to be more efficient on your aftersale requests. Welcome to Jérémy.
  3. This will enable Mai-lan to have more time to dedicate to you on social network and for the blog.
  During the TSUME LIVE of december, I will explain you the different challenge the TSUME team will have to face in order to go further in terms of client satisfaction. Stay tune, we'll surprise you! Cyril M.  
As you see, efforts continue and we hope they will bear their fruit. Let's move on to the latest news. Many have already received Orochimaru Xtra by Tsume. For the others, don't worry, the shipping are going on and we are waiting for our second cargo to arrive this week. This cargo will also bring...The new Xtra of Obito, Itachi and Rock Lee ! Let's hope everything will go as planned during customs check so that we can send you your orders as fast as possible. I don't want to give any fixed date as long as the products are not in our warehouse, but I'm pretty sure it should be done by the end of the month  ;) Saitama is also starting a long journey and I heard on the grapevine that he may be in this truck...   saitama There's no name on the boxes in the picture, you may think...what about now? saitama2 Hurry up guys and bring them home safely ! Other news we are eagerly waiting for are from the HQF Lucy Heartfilia & Aquarius. The first palets should leave the factory within a week (little yell of joy). The cargo will leave one after another, so shipping will also be in wave. You will be kept informed as soon as it arrives. And to finish, I think you have all seen the first images of  the HQS Piccolo and Gohan in our PREMIUM shops.   The cargo should board the boat soon, so we hope our dear Piccolo-san isn't seasick :p For the reste of the shipping, here is the timeline updated. 7966251fda5103fb97aa75e1f89a8bda7bc04ed62ce2935fb9pimgpsh_fullsize_distr And here are the explanations that comes with it: Regarding Killer Bee HQS by Tsume, a little gap may appear on some pieces due to the retractation of the resin once out of the mold. In order to prevent this risk and avoid future disappointments, we decided to add a ripple at the base of Hachibi and take at our expense the costs of this change. sdr The sculpting and molding time will move the release roughly one month later. (The final ripple will be blue and transparent) killer-bee6 Here you can see some pictures of the current production. For the HQS Aiolia, everything is progressing smoothly. For the HQS Kurosaki Ichigo final getsuga tenshou, the last molding are being processed. A small modification of the base sculpt delayed the production that should be sent from our factory at the end of December. bty Regarding Grendizer HQS+ by Tsume, a delay occured due to the complex structure and the size of the statue. The Master Tool is finished but we predict many unforseen challenges. Patience will be a key factor with this production. goldo-2 goldo  20161004_165902 On the other hand, we have good news concerning the production of the HQS of Nico Robin and Hashirama that is going pretty well. The first unpainted test of Robin has reached us and seems quite promising. The first mold enhancing on the wings have been made. The feathers are now more detailed and refine. We are crossing our fingers! I will give your more information as soon as the painted T1 will reach us. Here is the latest Event news: From the 28th October to the 1st November, I will go to Italy to show the latest Xtra of Naruto as well as the new IKI by Tsume collection. df4a0bd5d32846f2952ef88638eee53e768c1bf864830e9ccbpimgpsh_fullsize_distr We will be HERE (see below) with the staff of! f42919023007bfac6bc2f681836e8b760bf2aa56aa1ad5d17bpimgpsh_fullsize_distr I hope to see you there! Take care. Kibachan  

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