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The display of VAT has changed on our website Tsume-art. By now, the prices are indicated excluding VAT on the product sheets. The tax, relating to the country of receipt, will be added to the amount of the product before payment, once the item has been inserted into the shopping cart and the delivery address entered. When purchasing, you will therefore see the final price of the product, including VAT.


According to new EU customs regulations, in exceptional cases, you may be required to pay VAT upon receipt of your order, under the laws of your country. In this case, please contact our support service in order to obtain a refund of the amount paid as VAT.

Hello everyone! It's time for a new production update. We have received some good news from the factories, but also some less good news, so I'd like to make a little note to fill you in. Still, allow me to first give the floor to Cyril Marchiol, the CEO of Tsume. "Hello everybody. You are many to have asked questions regarding our products release dates. We had to face some recent troubles that we are fixing one by one.  To talk about the bad news we received, Lucy is requiring a little more time. We started to worked with a new factory, they are very slow, require a lot of feedback, we have to push them to their maximum, the level of production is below what we expected, so we'll do our best to get a result as close as possible to our work, despite the trouble we have encountered. This experience was as bad for us than it was for you and I am really sorry about that. We will send to all the people who have preordered Lucy a discount coupon of 30 euros, valid on any product you wish, that will be included in the shipping box. We remain available at our After Sale service for any question you may have. Please do accept our apologies. Regarding Goldorak, we are working on the master, the statue is very intricate so we'll be 3 month behind schedule. It should be release during the first semester of 2017. We hope to get the first visuals for December. Cyril M." Thank you Cyril. As said previously, the case Lucy and Aquarius has become complex and we'll do our best to compensate you and send you a product that will meet your expectations. (EDIT from 19/8/2016 Information regarding the 30 euros coupons:

  •  This coupon only concerns people who bought on our website and have funded in advance the production of Lucy & Aquarius (which means who have paid in full at the date of today).
  • It does not concern the purchase made after the 19th August 2016
  • It will be included in the shipping package. 
  • It will only be valid on the Tsume Art website )
  Thanksfully, there is a silver lining and our Xtra from Naruto are on the way to our warehouse! Shikamaru, Kakashi and Madara will be available starting the Fan Days and Orochimaru, Obito, Itachi and Rock Lee should be available after the Fan Days or beginning of October. For the HQS of Ichigo, Piccolo, Aiolia, Killer Bee and Azzar'hi, no worries either, the production is on its way and they should be finished in due time. One little note for Aiolia that should arrive end of 2016, but with the holidays, should be shipped at the beginning of 2017. Here is a little graph to make things clearer with the estimated timeframe where the shipping may happen. EDIT: update of the timeline on the 26/9. cd11c0cd6380303f8b7aa8a7a3f9773a48e5c551cd7aa4b935pimgpsh_fullsize_distr ***** And don't forget the Fan Days are drawing closer! The last seats available can be found here: idee_de_fond_plateau_live Please note that the tickets sale will end on the 22nd of August and an e-mail will be sent the following week, that will contain an electronic ticket, as well as a web page to select your signing session. The e-ticket will be traded for a badge once on site. New information and guests have been announced. You can check them up on our Facebook or on the website ! ***** To finish, I wanted to give you a little piece of information: You were many to preorder many products at the same time, which resulted in an important cash outflow, stuck for months. We are thinking about different systems starting next year in order to allow you to book our products more easily. A member club card will also weight in the balance in order to facilitate payments.   See you soon! Kibachan  

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