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Hello everyone !

After ten years of creation and innovation in the field of collectible figures, the Tsume team is proud and happy to present its brand new range of statues : Ikigai by Tsume!

This Ikigai range (raison d'être in Japanese), which features the protagonists of your favorite licenses 1/6 scale in an ultra dynamic pose, going on the attack, was inspired by the expectations of our fans and thus represents the expression of our thanks to them.

This is reflected in particular by reduced prices (between 350 and 450 euros depending on the figures), shortened production times (estimated between 10 and 14 months), harmony between all pieces thanks to common bases and ease of exposure of these mainly resin characters, so that all fans can create, complete and exhibit collections that resemble them, worthy of the licenses dear to their heart!

But that's not all, since everyone can try to acquire the Ultimate Edition of the statue, a version with one or more modifications compared to the initial Regular Edition and whose percentage compared to the Regular version will vary depending on the product presented!

Pre-orders of the Ikigai range statues will be open for 30 days, within the limit of a maximum print run, so collectors wishing to attempt to acquire a statue from the Ultimate Edition will only have to tick a box during their pre-order purchase to express this wish. The selection of these lucky owners will be done throughout the opening of pre-orders in a completely random manner.

Finally, the two Ultimate and Regular editions have the same packaging, so you will have to wait for the reception and unboxing of your statue to discover the design of the Ultimate Edition, in case you are one of the lucky ones selected, obviously!

Now that you have a better understanding, what could be these differences that will present the Ultimate Editions of the next Ikigai statues, would you tell us?

1.Mask: Character with his Mask

2.Outfit: Different Outfit or part of the outfit worn by the character

3.Additional Element: Additional Element added to the statue

4.Transparency: Transparent resin part on the statue

5.Power Up: Character surpassing himself, transcending his strengths and Power

6.Posing: Different Posing when attacking

7.Additional FX: Additional energy / attack / power Effect

8.Damage: Wounds / scrapes / scars related to the character's fight

9.Ground: Decor of the base showing differences

10.Eyes: Different gaze

11.Face Expression: Other Facial Expression / Emotion of the character

12.Different FX: Different energy / attack / power Effect

13.Additional Weapons: Additional Weapon(s) is definitively the best definition!

We have chosen not to show the Ultimate version, not wanting it to be the main reason for your purchase, but a potential pleasant surprise upon receipt.

The limited editions of Regular and Ultimate will be different. For example, on a total print run of 3000 pieces with 20% Ultimate, the print run will be 2400 Regular and 600 Ultimate.

Now that you know anything or almost, we wish you some great discoveries in this new range and overall, good luck!

Here we begin the chapter of a new story, that of new collections ...

See you soon !

The Tsume Art team

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