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1 / 6 eme
18 X 36 X 28 CM
T.3 2023 - T.1 2024
«Senbon Rainstorm, huh? Well, I’ll make it rain blood.»- Gaara

This statue is an interpretation of the episode «Akamaru trembles: Gaara’s cruel strength!» from Naruto, in which the shinobi from Sunagakure reveals his terrible power. Accompanied by his brother and sister, he crosses paths with three Genin from Amegakure, determined to face them. Countering the Senbon Rainstorm triggered by his opponent thanks to his impenetrable Shield of Sand, he offers him to discover in turn his blood rainstorm... We thus see Gaara of the Desert, with his clear but dark gaze, using his deadly ninjutsu technique Sand Binding Coffin against his three adversaries. The Kanji "love" on his forehead symbolizes the demon loving only himself while his blood red hair clearly shows his colors... His leather strap keeps Suna’s headband at his waist and the huge jar behind his back. Open, the sand is released and spreads on the rocks to form hands catching and imprisoning the enemy with his Sand Binding Prison. The ruthless shinobi then exerts pressure instantly crushing his victim, sparing him a painful agony, according to him... Once reduced to ashes, he watches with amusement as the condemned man spreads in a disturbing rain of blood and sand… Horrified by this bloody spectacle, he will not let the Genin witnesses flee, reserving the same macabre fate for them. Reaching the tower in an hour and a half, Gaara and his team break the record without the slightest injury or a single grain of sand or bloodstain on their clothes...