Boa Hancock

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Artistic direction / 2D Concept: Tsume Team
3D: Tsume Team
Polyresin, PU, PVC, ABS, magnets
1 / 4eme
L: 44 cm / P: 40 cm / H: 51 cm
S2 2021*

I could do the worst atrocities in the world, I'll always be forgiven… Do you know why? Because I AM the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen!

– Boa Hancock, Amazon Lily Empress, captain of the Kuja pirates crew.

With the "Snake Princess " Boa Hancock, second of the Seven Warlords, after Trafalgar D. Law, in our One Piece HQS + by Tsume collection, Tsume offers One Majestic Piece.

This HQS + statue by Tsume reflects the destructive power that Boa Hancock exerts on men, who, stunned by such beauty, literally fell down at her feet, being instantly turned to stone ... Beautiful to die for, her piercing eyes of a blue as dark and icy as the abyssal depths, does not show any emotion. Meanwhile, her snake Salome reveals a sharp smile by encircling the victims bewitched by the captivating beauty of the inaccessible Boa Hancock. Unable to resist the temptation, her prey are trapped, petrified by the absolute power of her devil’s fruit!

We depicted her in the same way as she appears in the Marine Ford's Arc, accompanied by her faithful snake Salome. Standing on one leg, with her flowing hair and resolute gaze, Boa emanates as much charm as power, honoring her Empress status. The composition of the statue, from the character balance to the snake entanglement, adds movement to this special piece. A feeling enhanced by the draped tissue of Boa's dress as well as her voluminous hair thrown back with a dismissive gesture of her left hand. At her feet are two pirates turned into stone, a Slave Arrow right into their heart. On the base, the frozen waves are a reference to Admiral Aokiji’s intervention at the start of the Marine Ford war. Finally, you will find the symbol of the Kuja pirates as well as a purple strip to recall Boa's outfit.

On both artistic or technical sides, Tsume offers a majestic piece worthy of such an empress ... and her most uncompromising fans!

The statue comes with a numbered plate and a certificate of authenticity.

Scale 1/4 Total run of 2.500 pieces.

Estimated release date: S2 2021*


Boa Hancock and her sisters were enslaved as children and their backs bear the stigma of the infamous Celestial Dragons. Determined to protect this terrible secret at all costs, they have no hesitation in petrifying anyone who might discover it. To justify their actions, they claim to have a pair of gorgonians' eyes on their back, ready to change into stone any individual having the misfortune to meet their eyes.

©Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation