Key moments from The Legend of Naruto Uzumaki MUB
Discover the moments that forged Konoha's ninja legend

The Legend of Naruto Uzumaki MUB by Tsume
is an exceptional project.

Indeed, 3 Naruto and a parchment are present on the work, guiding threads of the life of the Konoha ninja.

In order to tell you the path traveled by Naruto
and the trials he went through before reaching his goal,
we have chosen to represent on the parchment
the scenes that, for us, represent him the best.

Discover the key moments that forged the legend
from Naruto Uzumaki!

It seemed logical to start the scroll with the opening scene from the anime.
In episode 1 "Enter: Naruto Uzumaki!", we find a baby Naruto, who just saw Kyubi sealed within him. The legend is on the way...

The second illustration is taken from the episode “Meeting”.
It represents the famous photo of team 7 taken after the success of the Kakashi test. We can say that this is the first “family photo” for Naruto
de Naruto.

From the episode "Keep on Training: Pop Goes the Water Balloon!", the third illustration shows Naruto and Jiraiya. The bond he will forge with his mentor and godfather will be extremely strong and will forge the man he will become.

Taken from the episode "Parting", this scene represents the fight between
Naruto and Sasuke in the Valley of the End. This defeat and the departure
of Sasuke will deeply mark Naruto who will never stop wanting to bring his "brother" back to Konoha.

In the episode “Explode! Sage Mode" Naruto makes a sensational entrance
in order to save his village of Pain. Mastering Senjutsu, he confirms to be
the child of the prophecy, walks in the footsteps of his master and becomes
Konoha's hero.

During the episode "Thank You", Naruto meets his mother for the first time.
He discovers the truth about his birth and the sacrifice of his parents.
Kushina apologizes for her absence but expresses her pride in being her mother and thank him to being born.
et le remercie d’être né.

In the episode "Two-Man Team", Naruto fully recognizes Kurama as a Konoha comrade and opens the gates that held him prisoner. Once their chakra is fused, Naruto finds himself in a mental plane, with the other Bijû offering him some of their chakra.

The episode "Team 7, Assemble!" marks Sasuke's return alongside Sakura and Naruto. In order to defeat Madara, the trio of Team 7 reunites and fights like
the first day. In a scene symbolic of their formation,they will summon Gamakitchi, Aoda and Katsuyu like the legendary ninja trio.

From the episode “The Unison Sign”, this scene echoes the episode “Parting”. After their fight who will decide who will become Hokage, Naruto and Sasuke
lie on the ground, one arm amputated but symbolically linked by their blood.
reliés par leur sang.

Taken from the episode "A Day in the Live of the Uzumaki Family", 
the last illustration of the scroll shows us Naruto and his family. Now Hokage
and married to Hinata, he is also father of two children. He is fully blossomed.

We accompanied Naruto on his adventure,
crossed with him all his trials...
Today, we are proud to represent him through this bust.


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