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Due to a record outbreak of Covid-19 cases in China, the country's authorities decreed on March 13 the immediate lockout of several provinces, in particular the cities where our factories are concentrated, such as Dongguan. Consequently, the factories with which we work had to be immediately closed, effectively ceasing all production and pre-production activities for an indefinite period.

Regarding shipments, several containers carrying Zoro, Oden, Naruto and Sasuke Ikigai statues are currently at sea heading to Luxembourg. We do not have any containers awaiting departure from the ports and were planning to reserve some for shipments at the end of the month. However, this will therefore depend on the availability of containers and boats since maritime traffic will also be impacted.

Regarding the statues already in Luxembourg, deliveries continue but are also slowing down, our logistics provider having been requisitioned for humanitarian shipments to Ukraine.

Also, in those cases of force majeure, we are entirely dependent on the production and transport conditions imposed by the authorities in that unpredictable global health and geopolitical context. As a result, deliveries will be impacted and certainly extended. The situation is progressing day by day, so we will keep you informed as soon as we have news to transmit on the situation.

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