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19, 20 & 21 MAY 2018



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The event TSUME FAN DAYS will take place on Saturday the 19th, Sunday the 20th and Monday the 21th May 2018. Monday is a public holiday in Luxembourg, France and Belgium (Whit Monday).

SATURDAY 19th : from 10h00 to 21h30 (doors open at 9h00)

SUNDAY 20th : from 10h00 to21h30 (doors open at 9h30)

MONDAY 21th : from 10h00 to 16h (doors open at 9h30)


The event will be held at the CASINO 2000 in Mondorf-les-bains, Luxembourg. A free parking is available for the attendees coming by car.

Adress  : Rue Flammang, 5618 Mondorf-les-Bains – Luxembourg
GPS coordinates : Longitude : 6.2800440 Latitude : 49.5079080

Access by plane :From Luxembourg airport, you can take the bus line 16 or 29 to Luxembourg Gare Centrale, then change for the line 175 or 177 and get off at the stop Mondorf-Casino 2000.

Access by train: From Luxembourg Central Station, you can take the bus line 175 or 177 and get off at the stop Mondorf-Casino 2000.

Access by bus : Line 16 : Aéroport Quai 1 > Gare Centrale Quai 12
To see the schedule of line 16 click here
Line 29 :Aéroport Quai 2 > Gare Centrale Quai 103
To see the schedule of line 29 click here
Line 175 : Luxembourg-Gare routière > Mondorf-Casino 2000
To see the schedule of line 175 click here
Line 177 : Luxembourg-Gare routière > Mondorf-Casino 2000
To see the schedule of line 177 click here

map tfd


You will be able to select the table of your choice after purchasing a TFD5 ticket (subject to availability and reservations already made)
Important note: for logistical reasons, any choice of placement before and during the event will be final and not modifiable!

table placement tfd


We propose a « All Inclusive » offer for those who wish to attend the event without having to plan anything. This offer includes the round trip by bus as well as 3 nights in a 2* hotel at special rates. Two buses are planned : one from Paris and Reims, another one traveling from Cagnes-sur-mer, Aix-en-Provence and Lyon

Members of Tsume Team will be present upon your arrival to welcome you and share an aperitif dinner together.


You will stay in a 2* Hotel local standards of the Thionville area at about 30 minutes from the Casino 2000. Shuttles will make the round trip between the Hotel and the event.

Each room has a set of towels for each person and a TV. Please kindly note that the rooms are non-smokers.

The breakfast, which is a sweet buffet, is included in the price.

Photos de l'hotel


Our buses are spacious, comfortable and well equipped:

  • Deluxe padded seat
  • Footrests
  • Foldable tray
  • LCD screens
  • Armrests
  • LED reading lamp
  • WC
  • Individual air conditioning
  • Media Playe
  • Micro for the guide
  • Navigation device with video camera
  • Lavazza coffee machine (at will)
  • Refrigerator
Paris et Reims Cagnes Sur Mer


A distance of 24 kilometers separates the Hotel in Thionville where you will stay from the Casino 2000 in Mondorf-les-Bains where the event will take place.

The ALL INCLUSIVE formula also includes the trip between the Hotel and the Event through two bus shuttles, the morning and the evening on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th as well as the morning on Monday 21th.

A planning with the shuttles schedules will be given to you upon your arrival at the hotel on Friday the 18th.

FAQ Tsume Fan Days 5

What kind of tickets are there ?
I am a person with reduced mobility. Can I access the event?
Do minors have access to the TFD 5 ?
Are there specific tickets for children ?
Can I buy a ticket at the entrance or during the event ?
I would like to be seated at the same table as someone else
When and how will I receive my ticket ?
I wish to change the choice of my autograph (to another author or artist).
I am coming by car, where can I park ?
I am coming by train, how do I get to Mondorf ?
I am coming by plane, how to I get to Mondorf ?
Where should I go when I arrive at the event ?
What is the badge used for ?
Will there be a cloakroom ?
Should I bring anything to eat there ?
What kind of system is set for drinks ?
Will there be any product for sale at the event ?
Will there be any discounted prices ?
What kind of payment can I use at the event ?
Can I bring my figures to have them signed at the event ?
Can I bring my aftersales requests there ?
If I do not subscribe to the All-Inclusive option, how can I get to the event or find a lodging ?

All-Inclusive Option

I am a person with reduced mobility. Do I have access to the All-Inclusive Option?
At the hotel, I wish to share the same room as a person that did not book their ticket at the same time as me.
At the time of departure, who should I contact if the bus is late ?
How are the buses equipped ?
What meals are provided during the travel ?
Who will welcome us at our arrival at the hotel on Friday night ?
Is the hotel far from Casino 2000 ?
Are the rooms fully equipped ?
Can we smoke in the rooms ?
When does breakfast start ?
What is the breakfast made of ?
If I have any question or issue at the hotel, who can I contact ?
What are the advantages to subscribe to the All-Inclusive Option ? 


Anyone who participates in TSUME FAN DAYS 5 undertakes to respect the Casino 2000 rules and the rules set out below:


The purchase of the COMPANION ticket must be made at the same time and in the same cart as the PREMIUM ticket to be linked.

It is indeed necessary to buy a PREMIUM ticket to unlock a COMPANION ticket.

After your PREMIUM ticket order is finalized, you will not be able to add an accompanying ticket

No ticket will be sold during the Event.


The event is open to any person over 12 years of age and must have a Tsume Fan Day ticket (PREMIUM or COMPANION).

For safety purpose, the access will be refused for people under 12 years old

Any minor must be accompanied by a responsible adult, both of whom must hold a Tsume Fan Day ticket (PREMIUM or COMPANION).

The PREMIUM and COMPANION tickets are nominative and cannot be refunded or exchanged; every purchase is definitive.

An identity card may be required upon presentation of your access badge on Saturday morning and for the duration of the event

Your badge will be given to you only in exchange of the ticket printed by you, which will have been sent to you by email beforehand (or to the person who bought your ticket via his own Tsume account)

Access to the event is strictly prohibited to anyone:

  • Under 12 years old (except the children of the members of the Tsume team who will necessarily be accompanied by a major adult, external to the staff who works on the event and responsible for them for the duration of the event).
  • Under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substance that may have been consumed before or during the presence on the premises of the TFD5.
  • Not carrying the access badge to the TFD5.

Please note that the Tsume Fan Days will take place at the CHAPITO and LA GALLERIE annexed to the Casino 2000.

We remind you that access to the Casino 2000 games is possible but prohibited to minors. Any person having reached the age of majority must present a valid identity card or passport.

We also remind you that the content of the event is aimed primarily at an audience of adult collectors.

There is no specific ticket for children.

During the event, some areas are strictly reserved for the Tsume staff and CHAPITO. Visitors are forbidden from entering the locker room, the stage, the backstage and dressing rooms, the sound / light control room, the back of the bar, the kitchens, the back of the IKI and YOKA Boutique sales counters and their storage areas.


By purchasing your ticket, you also agree to submit to stricter security rules: the inspection of your ticket / access badge is possible as well as the control of your bags and / or luggage at the entrance.


It is requested to use the places occupied with respect and care; any deterioration in the structure of the Casino 2000 or equipment made available by the said institution or TSUME SA, may be subject to an immediate and definitive exclusion of the TFD5 as well as prosecution.

The Casino 2000 security organization and service reserves the right to deny access to, or exclude from, any person whose behavior affect negatively the progress and / or security of the event.

Visitors are therefore asked to adopt correct, civilized and responsible behavior.

It is forbidden to smoke in the enclosure of the event.


People with reduced mobility and their accompanying person have priority for placement at the table when buying the tickets but must also benefit from a priority of spontaneous passage from you in the queues:

  • During the climb / descent and bus placement (All Inclusive option)
  • For the delivery of their badge on Saturday morning
  • For access to some meals served like a buffet
  • To IKI and YOKA shops (fitting rooms, cash register access)
  • Signing sessions not subject to opening hours (PREMIUM tickets)
  • Exclusive products under showcases that will be unveiled punctually during the 3 days


A map of the venue with the setting up of rectangular tables (21 to 29 people) is available in the electronic ticketing.

Attention: The placement at the table is also final once validated and cannot under any circumstances and, for logistical reasons, be modified.

Five meals (all served without pork) will be served at the table (except 1 self-service) during the event.

If the box "Vegetarian" is checked on your personal information sheet when you purchase your ticket, it will not be possible to change this option during the three days of the event, for logistical reasons.

The same rule applies in case it has been omitted from ticking the box "vegetarian".


If you order a PREMIUM ticket, you will be asked to choose a signature session in order of preference from a list of artists / authors present at the event.

This choice will be strictly definitive, non-editable and limited to a Fan and valid for an artist / author.

Your signing session will be allocated according to your order and the availability limit of each artist / author.

The shikishi or exclusive lithography will be signed exclusively in the name of the holder of the title PREMIUM.


A free cloakroom will be available at the entrance. You will be allowed to leave your jacket, your bags and your purchases for the duration of the event; in exchange for which, a ticket will be given to you.

The TSUME SA declines all responsibility in the event of theft or loss of objects or personal effects during the event, including for the effects entrusted to the cloakroom for the duration of the DFT5.


It is forbidden to bring your after-sales service, the event does not take place in our premises, we cannot take the risk of losing or further damaging your product.


TSUME SA reserves the right to modify the content of the list of gifts provided for the purchase of an access ticket to the TFD5 for reasons inherent to the concerns of production and / or delivery of said products.


The departure and return times of the buses indicated in the box office are official but may be subject to change. Any changes will be notified by e-mail and will be published on our Facebook page.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to be at the meeting point for the specified time. Otherwise, the bus could be forced to hit the road without you.

The hotel has double, twin, triple, quadruple and 5 person rooms; we will try to the extent possible and according to the available rooms, to organize the room according to your particular requests (filled form when you purchase on our site), but we cannot guarantee it.

Please note that if you come alone, you are likely to share your room (single beds) with one or more people who have subscribed to the same All Inclusive package.

Attention: for logistical reasons, the room will not be modifiable!

Out of respect for your roommate and for security reasons, it will be strictly forbidden to smoke in hotel rooms. Part of the hotel will be reserved for Tsume guests, a dedicated and professional staff will be at your disposal to help you; the members of the Tsume team will also stay with you to accompany you.

By placing my order, I confirm that I have read and accepted the above rules

See the PDF version of the regulation