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A S-class bust
Second jewel of the My Ultimate Bust by Tsume line, Saitama joins Ichigo in this amazing collection of life size busts picturing the world pop culture’s most iconic characters.

With One Punch Man’s main character, Tsume offers a one-of-a-kind piece of work, with an outstanding realisation. Combining artistic and technical daring, MUB by Tsume’s busts sublimate Tsume’s ten years of hard work that made Tsume’s expertise and its unmistakable label.
The ultimate hero!
Check out Saitama, pictured more serious than ever, his cape winding around him. His clenched fist raised, a stern look on his face, Saitama is staring in front of him, wondering if the upcoming challenge will be up to his expectations… or if he’ll be disappointed once more!

Resulting of five hundred hours of work, this seventy centimetres-high statue displays a glorified vision of the ultimate hero. A tremendous work has been done to achieve the character’s bearing and his outfit’s draping in order to bring dynamism despite sculpting a bust. Moreover, Saitama’s expression has been fine-tuned so we would get this resolution in his look, to catch his serious expression. Looking straight in front of him, his fist raised, Saitama is about to land a Serious Punch.

The MUB by Tsume line is Tsume’s latest milestone. It redefines the word “centrepiece”. There is no doubts this Saitama Bust will be the jewel of One Punch Man’s most demanding fans’ collection.

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© ONE, Yusuke Murata/SHUEISHA, Hero Association HQ
Artistic Direction: Cyril Farudja, Saesa Kiyokawa, Cyril Marchiol
Concept art: Marijke Wilms
Technical engineering: Muhammet Ay, José Ku Chio Lu
3D sculptors: Olivier Sam
Statue preparation: Aurélie Nagot
Painting: Mickael Gros, Éric Jolivalt
Open preorders, max.1000 pieces
T4 2020*
70 x 42 x 53 cm
30 kg*
Polyresin, PU, PVC, ABS, Magnets, Fibreglass*