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It is with the Predator license, of which Cyril Marchiol is a big fan, that the dream begins.

With the help of the sculptor Maxime Roudaut, who specializes in making busts from the film industry, Cyril develops an innovative project that is presented to the 20th Century Fox.

For the first time, it will be possible to buy a custom bust that will be unique and follow its making step by step. They will be totally exclusive. No more limited number, each piece will be nominative!

Predator My Ultimate Bust by TSUME is sculpted almost exclusively by hand.

Since the techniques are the same as those used in film making, the rendering is as close as can be. The smallest details are carved with precision, as for example the teeth, the spikes on his outfit or the skulls of his necklace.

3D printing is involved in the realization of mechanical elements, such as its laser gun.

Customization options will allow everyone to purchase the bust of their dreams. For that of Predator, it is possible to choose between 3 different heads, to add or not a backpack and a laser gun and choose the height of the bust.

Qualitative materials will be used for the different parts, including glass eyes, leather, a LED system in the helmet and barrel. The body will be printed in translucide resin tinted to obtain the most realistic rendering possible.

The busts will have the label 'Made in Luxembourg'. All the pieces will be assembled in Luxembourg and each step will be photographed and / or filmed and sent to the buyer to keep him informed of the progress of his statue.

Let us know if you are interested in this project by telling us if you would like to order this bust in the future. To do this, simply register on our 'wishlist'.

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