Remember Japan Expo? The Tsume booth? Lots of huge resin statues, very impressive? And then, you could also catch a glimpse of a showcase dedicated to PVC figures. Of course, you could watch Natsu & Gajil, but also the prototype of Terrence, a Dream Land figure we make for Reno? But the main course was the first time showing of the non-painted prototype of our new range of product: X-tra by Tsume ! This is our second collection of PVC figures. It features non-articulated figures at 1/10th scale with very high paint job and sculpt job levels for an affordable retail price. Limited at 3000 pieces, each figure is sold in a nice cardboard box, which is in the character?s colors. The first franchise to be available in X-tra by Tsume is Naruto Shippuden with the charismatic hero Naruto Uzumaki?s statue and Pain, leader of Akatsuki. These two figures are now available for pre-order, in retailers or, eventually, on our own website. Please keep in mind that only 200 pieces are available on our website (remaining of the 3000 pieces are for retailers) but these copies will be signed by the artistic team!

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