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White Beard is taking on your showcase!

Vacations have started, for the lucky ones amongst you. For the others, we must find comfort with summer pictures. And what could be better than dive in the sea world of the most famous pirate mangas, One Piece! FB one piece We shown it for the first time last year during Tsume Fan Days 2, time has come to official unveil our third statue from the One Piece universe: the strongest man in the world, the pirate closest to One Piece, captain Edward Newgate, a.k.a. White Beard. He joins Zoro and Usopp in our HQS by Tsume collection.

White Beard HQF by Tsume is an almost 40 cm high, gorgeous resin statue. Edward Newgate is overshadowing every other characters with his gigantic height and build. He is set in motion, as one hand moves his bisento and the other one launches an attack with his devil fruit power, the Quake power. Raised by the wind of this attack, White Beard's mantle is flying over his shoulders, adding to the statue a nice touch of dynamism.

The biggest experts amongst you will notice all the sculpture's numerous details, scars or veins on White Beard's body, the accuracy of the bisento or the textures of the mantle? even the crew symbol on the back, under the mantle. We mimicked the Quake fruit effect with a translucent resin sphere which fixation system is ultimately discreet.

On the painting side, the metal effects of the spear and ornaments on the mantle compare to the subtle gradients applied on the skin or on the fabrics of White Beard's outfit. If you check the base, you will find some blue stone on the floor and of course our usual bevel with a stripe, which colour is a reminder of White Beard crew symbol.

Discover White Beard HQS by Tsume on our website!  

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