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Hello guys, This is Cyril writing and I?m gonna sum up where we stand now. Usopp HQS by Tsume has just arrived in our facilities. You can expect shipping starting next week. We will release an instruction video as we did for Zoro. Itachi Uchiwa HQS by Tsume needs more time. There?s an easy explanation: I refused the master provided by the factory! Some parts fit was not good enough, some FX were fragile. We decided to start over the engineering of this piece to get exactly what we wanted, and avoid all risks. Now I am satisfied and after the traditional Chinese New Year annual break, the factory will resume manufacturing and they will focus on this project. SONY DSC With our Naruto Shippuden?s Xtra by Tsume figures, we decided to focus on Madara. He?s on its way to our facilities! In about one month, delivery will start. Shikamaru & Kakashi are at the injection step, painting will start just after the CNY break. Orochimaru is still in molding, you will have to wait more to get this one. SONY DSC SONY DSC White Beard & Raoh HQS by Tsume will be unveilled and launched in March & April. These two projects shown in preview during Tsume Fan Days are still under licensor?s approval. Then we also want to reduce the delay between pre-order and delivery? which means show the prototype later than when we did it before! Renji Abarai HQS by Tsume is done! He?s in the same container as Madara and will be available in March. P1200387 You may have seen on our Facebook page that Tsume Fan Days 03 tickets will be available to buy on February 20th! P1200384 P1200396 Last but not least, our first Yoka board game is going for production right after the CNY break. Delivery can be considered around May or June. Yoka Jeu Naruto Shippuden Now, let?s talk about 2015 goals: Tsume is now almost 5 years old ! It?s been an amazing adventure, filled with extraordinary moments and very hard times! You?re the very reason my team and I found the energy to rise each time we fell, all of you who follows us. You have to understand how proud we feel each time we see a picture of one of our creations inside you collections. Wa are all core fans to start with. Now, we have the opportunity to work with the greatest licenses? the ones we always dreamt of. Of course, nobody?s perfect and we still make mistakes. But who else but Tsume could imagine such a crazy project as Zoro HQS by Tsume ? This is a one of a kind item from which you can feel our passion, and the ultimate risk-taking! We live for this risk. Of course, it is a way to stand out? but it?s mainly a way to stay out of the routine and not getting ourselves doing only ?what we know we can do?. Because if life gave me a personal lesson, it is that everything is possible if you put all your heart and energy to get it! This year is to be extraordinary. We will finally have the means for our ambitions. 2015  main lines for TSUME are:

  • optimisation of quality control, laboratory testing, anti-copy certification
  • decrease of manufacturing delays
  • optimised web site, user-friendly, with an order follow-up and a better customer service interface. We will also include a calendar with our products schedule so you can know where we stand at any time.
  • international development of Tsume. Find the best solutions for each territories so anyone wanting our products can get it in the best conditions available.
Our goal is obviously to improve the most important points first. If we already have very good results, we also know we can do better. And I can promise to all of you that?s what we?re going to do. In the meanwhile, I?m counting on you to keep believing in us and I hope to meet you during the Tsume Fan Days, so we can all celebrate Tsume?s fifth anniversary and the fact we got the right to make Dragon Ball Z statues!

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