Prices displayed do not include VAT

The display of VAT has changed on our website Tsume-art. By now, the prices are indicated excluding VAT on the product sheets. The tax, relating to the country of receipt, will be added to the amount of the product before payment, once the item has been inserted into the shopping cart and the delivery address entered. When purchasing, you will therefore see the final price of the product, including VAT.


According to new EU customs regulations, in exceptional cases, you may be required to pay VAT upon receipt of your order, under the laws of your country. In this case, please contact our support service in order to obtain a refund of the amount paid as VAT.

Hello everyone!

Having now delivered the vouchers to the customers whose orders were eligible to the offer on the Tsume-Art website, we would like to give you further explanations on how they work.

After receiving an email informing you of the presence of this(these) voucher (s) in your shopping cart, please note that:

- To see your voucher(s), you must necessarily insert at least one product in your shopping cart. As a result, a voucher will appear.

- You can only see one voucher appear at a time and per shopping cart.

- The voucher which is displayed depends on the total sum of shopping cart and will be automatically selected by the system, prioritizing  the most expensive voucher, provided that it is equal to or less than the total sum of the shopping cart.

- It is only possible to use one voucher at a time, they cannot be combined.

-All current order(s) of eligible statue(s) and / or figure(s) will lead to the obtention of one or more vouchers, putting aside the current payment status, whether partial or full.

- If your eligible statue (s) has(ve) not yet been paid in full, the voucher will be generated once the total amount of the statue is paid. Thus, it will appear in your shopping cart when making a next purchase after this full payment.

- Similarly, for all future orders of eligible statue (s), (in case of flash sales or waiting list), the voucher will be generated at the time of total payment.

-Any next order (s) of eligible Xtra and / or HQF figure (s) placed before August 31, 2020 will also lead to a voucher of 10 euros which will be generated in a next shopping cart.

-If you already have an old voucher or promotional code and wish to use it first, please do not click on the Covid voucher and insert your promotional code directly. If you accidentally clicked on the Covid voucher, just reset the page to use your old code first.

You can find the list of eligible statues and figures as well as the conditions relating to vouchers in the article "Vouchers" available on the blog.

Make good use of it and see you soon!

The Tsume Art team

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