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Okay, campers, rise and shine? holidays are over but let's head back to the last piece of art we introduced last month in our HQS by Tsume collection. You're guessing right, I'm about to write about our second resin statue from the One Piece franchise. Next to a massive Zoro Roronoa and tornado, we decided to stick with the Strew Hat crew by working on the vaillant ?captain? Usopp, a brave warrior of the sea! Technique secrète étoile verte : Impact Wolf Pop Green: Impact Wolf As you can see, we choose not to picture a direct scene from the show but to inspire from several from the Fishman Island story arc. Amongst his new techniques, one did strike us: the Impact Wolf, this gigantic plant attack with the shape of a wolf. Of course, as for Zoro, this statue will come in 2 different posings within the box. So you don't have to choose which one to buy, only which one to display at home, regarding your mood. You can choose between Usopp placing back is glasses, quite showing off at the same time? and Usopp crouched thumbing up as he successfully attacked. La seconde pose de Usopp La seconde pose de Usopp Usopp HQS by Tsume will be available during 2014's second half but pre-order are already opened. As for any other HQS by Tsume statue, this one will be a limited and numbered edition. Just check the official Usopp HQS by Tsume page to read more.

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