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Hello everyone ! The preorder of our latest HQS+ Majin Vegeta are almost over and we just reached the 100 000 LIKES on Facebook ! Thank you so much for your support!! We love you all! ^3A53C179FFC1875BCB6CEE90DC102A5F9DCCA99A7D1C444223^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr There is going a small break in our HQS releases until the TSUME Fan Days, so I'm going to take the opportunity to make a little update about our factory's production. ********************* HQS Killer Bee:

  • Casting and sanding in process.
  • Master peint updated according to the changes requested.
  • Tentacules repainted.
  • Improved tentacles fastening system.
image003bty ******************** Aiolia
  • Further improvements on the master peint.
  • New system found for exchangeable LEDs.
  • LED can clip and unclip.
cofsdrdavdav *********************** HQS Piccolo's redemption
  • Cast and sanding of Piccolo has started.
  • The bases are being painted.
davbdrdavdav ************************ Azzar'hi
  • Master peint still in process.
  • The different textures are complex and represent an interesting challenge for the painters.
davdavdavdav ***************** HQS Kurosaki Ichigo final getsuga tenshou
  • Resin elements of the master paint are ready
  • PVC mold are done
  • Still waiting for the PVC elements to assemble with the master paint
dav ********************* That's it for today ! Have a nice week and remember .... 13697020_1444968615528992_3627989940627919019_n See you soon ! Kibachan

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