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The display of VAT has changed on our website Tsume-art. By now, the prices are indicated excluding VAT on the product sheets. The tax, relating to the country of receipt, will be added to the amount of the product before payment, once the item has been inserted into the shopping cart and the delivery address entered. When purchasing, you will therefore see the final price of the product, including VAT.


According to new EU customs regulations, in exceptional cases, you may be required to pay VAT upon receipt of your order, under the laws of your country. In this case, please contact our support service in order to obtain a refund of the amount paid as VAT.

Updates about the mass production!

Hello everyone ! The preorder of our latest HQS+ Majin Vegeta are almost over and we just reached the 100 000 LIKES on Facebook ! Thank you so much for your support!! We love you all! ^3A53C179FFC1875BCB6CEE90DC102A5F9DCCA99A7D1C444223^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr There is going a small break in our HQS releases until the TSUME Fan Days, so I'm going to take the opportunity to make a little update about our factory's production. ********************* HQS Killer Bee:

  • Casting and sanding in process.
  • Master peint updated according to the changes requested.
  • Tentacules repainted.
  • Improved tentacles fastening system.
image003bty ******************** Aiolia
  • Further improvements on the master peint.
  • New system found for exchangeable LEDs.
  • LED can clip and unclip.
cofsdrdavdav *********************** HQS Piccolo's redemption
  • Cast and sanding of Piccolo has started.
  • The bases are being painted.
davbdrdavdav ************************ Azzar'hi
  • Master peint still in process.
  • The different textures are complex and represent an interesting challenge for the painters.
davdavdavdav ***************** HQS Kurosaki Ichigo final getsuga tenshou
  • Resin elements of the master paint are ready
  • PVC mold are done
  • Still waiting for the PVC elements to assemble with the master paint
dav ********************* That's it for today ! Have a nice week and remember .... 13697020_1444968615528992_3627989940627919019_n See you soon ! Kibachan

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