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Autumn is coming into our homes? let?s bring back the sun by checking on our ongoing productions!

Zoro & Usopp HQS by Tsume

Zoro is an ambitious statue, very complex to make and its production takes more time than expected? especially when we ask the factory to be even more cautious than we usually do. The production is finishing and quality control is going on. Before the end of October, the first pieces will leave China by boat and arrive at Tsume a few weeks later. Thus, you can expect the first shippings of Zoro to start before the end of November? and continue until the end of the year. And subscribe to our Facebook page for we will do as we did for Shaka: a video tutorial to help you to assemble your statue when you get it. zoro Thorough Quality Control for Zoro Usopp is an easier job however the factory was also working on Zoro? Pieces are expecting to be available before the end of the year. loup-usopp The resin wolf is through coloured, which is pretty rare! socle-usopp The base has lots of détails?

Kakashi, Shikamaru Xtra by Tsume & Madara DXtra by Tsume

Preproduction is going on, a new prototype is expected at Tsume in the following days? Lots of technical issues have been dealt with. We also have seen the first samples for the new packagings which will be window boxes similar to the HQF figures packagings. The schedule is on time and figures are to be delivered at the beginning of 2015. Copy ninja Kakashi ?! Copy ninja Kakashi ?!

Itachi Uchiwa HQS by Tsume

Preproduction is going on, the statue is still planned to be delivered before the end of 2015?s first half. Un susanoo en résine transparente ! Un susanoo en résine transparente !

Tsume Fan Days 2's new products

During Tsume Fan Days 2, we shown stunning new projects: Orochimaru DXtra By Tsume, Raoh ? King of Hokuto, Shiryu Dragon HQS by Tsume, White Beard HQS by Tsume et Renji Abarai HQS by Tsume. Renji is the first of the list to be available on pre-order. This statue is limited and numbered at 600 pieces worldwide. You can check our photos of Renji Abarai HQS by Tsume on our official website. Renji accompagné de son Bankai, Zabimaru Renji accompagné de son Bankai, Zabimaru And follow our Facebook page to discover the next Tsume Art preorders!

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