Tite Kubo got his Kenpachi statue !

There's a major step in every project that makes the licensee's heart pounding: when the original author gets its own copy of the licensee's baby!! Is he going to enjoy? Is this good enough as a tribute to his talent? Is this going to meet his expectations? We just found that last month, Tite Kubo, creator of the Bleach manga has received his  Zaraki Kenpachi HQS by Tsume. He tweeted about that with a nice picture. Let me roughly translate this for the non Japanese-speaking of yours (don't lie, I know some of you aren't!) :

I just received the (probably) American figure of Kenpachi. It's huge, so huge! Next step? where to put it?
So, as you can see, master Kubo do not know Tsume yet? something I could not let be, so I replied to him with my best e-pen !

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