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The second TSUME LIVE !

Hello everyone!! Thank you again for attending this second TSUME LIVE on Thursday! The whole team gave it's best shot and we hope that you enjoyed the LIVE despite the few hiccups with the lag. We'll try to improve it before the next LIVE. ^7B863677756C10DFB0E1FFA5495A79D4EC1103F6EC8870BA13^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr The replay not being available, I'm going to go back on the main points that were talked about during the LIVE. Schermata-2016-03-31-alle-20.14.23Tsume's contest and the winner José Cyril, Muhammet and José talked about the recent contest on Facebook and explained the reasons behind it (The company's expansion, the need to back up Patrick with the 3D cuts). Schermata-2016-03-31-alle-20.14.58News about the recent events attended Cyril, Laura and Cédric S. did a quick recap of the Festival des Jeux à Cannes and Senyu, as well as the success of "NARUTO SHIPPUDEN the boardgame" developped by YOKA by Tsume that is going to be adapted in English, with other languages on the way. Laura mentionned the new Berserk T-shirts by IKI by Tsume that were shown at the Grand Rex recently. 1933594_675401065933542_785186262155160131_o12891137_675401022600213_8387513413743933180_oPresentation of Tsume Entertainment Cyril and Victor unveiled the new branch Tsume Entertainment, and their first production : "Tokyo vu par un con" (Tokyo seen by an idiot) presented by Dédo. This new branch is aimed to get closer to the public and develop new concepts with a fun approach. Tsume Fan Days It's official, the TSUME FAN DAYS 4 will take place at the Casino of Mondorf les Bains from the 10 to the 11 september 2016 (from the 9 september at night for the All Inclusive) ! The All Inclusive option will include two nights ( 9 and 10 september). The bus will leave from Amiens, Nice, Orléans and Paris. This year we are expecting between 600 to 700 people. There will be no exclusive figure to avoid last year's speculation. ^8E471F19BD5FE23C028D05E984A330E1CDB8A630868E0C388B^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Shipping and Prod The two Cedrics talked about the current production and the future moral contract our partnershops will have to sign in order to protect their clients and themselves. Summary of the Prod: Releases estimated this Summer: Xtra Orochimaru, HQF Lucy Aquarius Releases estimated this Autumn: Xtra Obito, Xtra Rock Lee, Xtra Itachi Releases estimated this Winter: HQS Ichigo, HQS Aiolia, HQS Killer Bee, HQS Piccolo redemption, HQS Grendizer. Piccolo-gohan_HQS-01

© Bird Studio / Shueisha, Toei Animation
Nico Robin It was time to start the main event:the release of Nico Robin ! Patrick, Cyril F., Mika and Guillaume talked about their feelings about the statue and the technical difficulty it represented. For the sculpture, the wings and the aerial pose were the main difficulties. For the paint, the realistic aspect of the character and the work on the shade and light were the most important parts. Schermata-2016-03-31-alle-21.17.25 The statue comes with two faces: one with open eyes, one with closed eyes. NicoRobin_HQS-01NicoRobin_HQS-06NicoRobin_HQS-08
You can find all the information here:
She is currently sold out, but small quantities may be released at some point to try to avoid speculation. Please check our page Facebook for more information!
Again, a big thanks to all of you for attending the LIVE.
We hope you'll come again next time, hopefully at the end of the month !
See you soon!
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