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The new Xtra are ready!

Hello everyone! Summer is upon us, but the nice weather delays its arrival...however a little bit of sunshine arrived in our office this morning. The last samples of our three new XTRA have finally passed all the quality control tests and are finally ready!

Here is a short review of Itachi, Obito and Rock Lee. ******************* Itachi Uchiha Xtra by Tsume IMG_4259IMG_4421 The gradients on his coat nicely underline the folding and movements of his clothes. This is how he looks from the back.IMG_4298 I really like the discret integration of the crows around his cloak. IMG_4315IMG_4313IMG_4311   Rock Lee DXtra by Tsume IMG_4275IMG_4286 The posing is really dynamic, be it his hair blown by the wind, or the movement of his hands and legs. The care for details with the gradients and the seam lines really came out well on the final product. Here is how he looks from the back. IMG_4277IMG_4292 Rock Lee is a Dxtra. He comes with a second head, and alternative feet and arms in order to show him opening the sixth celestial gate! IMG_1263 Here is how he looks from the back. IMG_1265 The junctions are discret and the work on the textures of his outfit is really well done. IMG_1268
The scarf flying out of his collar and the movement of his chain make it one of the most dynamic Xtra with the Xtra Kakashi Hatake in my opinion.
The work on the mask breaking up is one of the strong points of this figure. The rending with the glossy paint makes a nice contrast with his scared face.
He also has the Uchiha symbol on his back.
That's all for today! I hope you'll like them as much as I do!
Those figures are on preorder on our website and you'll soon be able to also order the Xtra of Kakashi Hatake, Shikamaru Nara and Madara Uchiha who should be back next month.
The delivery is planned for the end of this summer.
See you soon!

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