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Hello everyone!! Thank you so much for attending the LIVE Wednesday evening ! Aside from our new sale time record for the HQS Hashirama Senju, we also beat the attendance for the Tsume LIVE ! merci For the occasion, Cyril had a make up that reminded the Sage mode of Hashirama! Capture2 The controle room was following up with the Q&A. I'm sorry if there wasn't time to go over all of your questions, don't hesitate to ask them on the Facebook page! Capture1 The LIVE started with the latest news of Tsume, among which the opening of the new Partnershop in Paris... b5 The contest for the 50 000 LIKES on the Facebook page ... CONCOURS And a grand première for IKI by Tsume who was the official supplier of the T-shirts for the Red Bull Kumite 2016! rbk2016-24042016-6543(Gamerbee wearing a polo IKI by Tsume) We then talked about the TSUME FAN DAYS 4, and unveiled three important pieces of information:

  • To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Saint Seiya series (Kinght of the Zodiac), a special night will be organised on Saturday 10th.
  • This year's placement will be by table. the choice of the table will be done when buying your ticket, on the basis of first come, first served. Once the placement is done, people will be asked not to change their place.
  • A VIP card will be implemented. The card will have to be purchased. But it will offered for a year to the people who will get a standard ticket for the Tsume Fan Days. You'll be able to get bonus, stock on points and book a figure for 72H on three licenses of your choice. This card will be implemented in 2017, but the people attending the TFD 4 will be able to benefit from its advantages 4 months in advance (plus one year for free). Capture3
The preorder will start at the end of May. The LIVE went on with the Tsume Entertainment section. Victor unveiled the 7th episode of Tokyo seen by an Idiot: ...and introduced the new series of Tsume Inside that should talk in a humoristic way of the work at Tsume. After that, Patrick Tran took the spotlight by challenging two auditors at Naruto Storm 4 on PS4. Congratulation to Ichihollow66 who won a HQS of Hashirama ! 5Cedric then talked about an important point regading Nico Robin future preorders. In regards to the numerous demand we received for the HQS of Robin, we had to settle for a lottery system. People will have to register on a website. We will then randomly pick the people that will be able to preorder Robin. Those people will be notifed by e-mail. NicoRobin_ As for the rest of our production, things are going smoothly at the moment. It was time for the main event. To start, we showed a making off of the background of the LIVE by Mika. Capture5 The sculptors Muhammet and Christophe then talked about the challenges behind the sculpt of Hashirama and the collaboration of 3D and traditional sculpture. Capture6 And here came the star of the evening! The HQS Hashirama Senju ! Hashirama_HQS-01As a bonus, here are all the HQS of Naruto made by Tsume! Awesome, isn't it? Hashirama_HQS-09 We fnished the evening with 3 debates about Naruto: *Chris and Mika talked about the most beautiful Naruto HQS. Capture9 *Patrick and Mai talked about the most dramatic moment of Naruto. Capture7 *And to finish, Victor and Cédric debated on Naruto VS Norauto ! Capture8 That's it ! I hope you enjoyed this little moment in our company. We really wanted to thank you one more time for your support and your love for our figures. See you next time! Kibachan. ©???? ???????????????????©???NARUTO?????2014?©???BORUTO?????2015?©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.  

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