Hello everyone!

As you know, Athena HQS + deliveries are well and truly on their way to reach each owner's sanctuary!

For that reason, the Goddess of Wisdom wants to teach you her few commandments to ensure the smooth running of your unboxing!

24 hours to open the packages, you will wait, 

The online assembly instructions, you will read, 

The unboxing video below, you will watch,

Gloves, you will wear 

Meticulous, you will be, 

And most importantly, the following advice, you will apply: 

When unpacking box number 1, take care to gently lift the polyfoam cover straight towards you, parallel to the box. Indeed, it is especially important not to tilt the cover on the side to prevent it catching one of the parts present in the polyfoam, in particular the fingers of the statue, and thus causing damage or breakage related to that mishandling.

With that, we count on you to treat the War Goddess with the utmost gentleness and to find her the most exceptional place!


See you soon,

The Tsume Team

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