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Production update of May 2019


Most of European customers have been delivered, and last shippings are in progress. Premium shops will receive their pieces by the end of next week.

Some minor modifications have been made on the pieces for Asian customers in order to avoid any breakage risk during shipping.

Deliveries for all customers, including professionals, will continue until end of August.

Pieces for customers who reported breakage will be replaced by the new receptions.


in order to avoid any painting constraint when the battery needs to be changed, we are changing the batteries position on the character.

The reception of revised production samples is planned for mid-june in order to perform a QC. Shipping should start in July.


Production is ongoing. Bodies are being painted, bases are being casted.

Some revisions are necessary on the head in order to ensure the delivery of a satisfying final product. As a result, deliveries are delayed by one month and will be processed until end of August.


We received a final product, metal plate and certificate included, which is very satisfying. The unboxing video is now online.

For German customers, the piece will be displayed on one of our partner’s booth during the Dokomi Fair in Düsseldorf, on June 8th and 9th.

Deliveries for Asian customers have started.

The shipping address confirmation requests have been sent to our European customers. Please check your e-mails, your pieces are in the containers that will leave by the end of this month.

The announced delivery shedule has not changed.


Some changes has been made. The total run of the two versions remains unchanged, but the repartition on both two models has been revised in order to meet the high demand for the standard version.

For Broly standard version, the total run is of 1750 pieces with a metal plate and a certificate. The King of Destruction version will be delivered with 2 certificates and 2 metal plates, in order to let you exhibit the version you prefer with the matching metal plate and certificate.

First production samples are coming by the end of the month. The delivery schedule remains unchanged.


We received the first factory sample and are awaiting last polyfoams to perform breakage tests.

Shipping are scheduled to start by the end of June.


Enzan showcases have been delivered in Europe, breakage rate is low and customers are satisfied. 

We therefore decided to relaunch the sales of this product on our website soon, we will communicate more information about it later.


The femmes fatales won’t take long to arrive, we are awaiting the reception of the products to start shipping.


  • About the reproduction of  Saitama, Itachi and Obito XTRA, stocks for direct customers are sold out. The last wave is for the professionals who already placed their orders.
  • Waiting lists and wishlists have been activated for our PVC ranges: HQF, XTRA and SC. Those lists will allow you to submit your wish or to register. In case of a high demand on some products, we will relaunch a production.
  • About Ace and Genos HQS, all direct customers will be delivered until end of June, all shops until end of July.
  • About Goku HQS, last deliveries are in progress.
  • Samples of Natsu HQS+ will arrive in July, the beginning of shipment is scheduled for end of August.
  • About Hitsugaya HQS, all direct customers will be delivered until end of July, professionnals until end of September.
  • A part of the team will travel to China soon, samples of Law HQS+ and Krillin HQS will be checked on site.

Summary table of planned shipments:

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All pictures in this article are shared for illustration purpose only and aren’t necessarily truthful to the products, due to the light of the room they were taken in and the camera used. 

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