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Production update of January 2019

Hello everyone,

First of all, Tsume wish you all a Happy New Year 2019!

As anybody, we have our New Year’s resolutions. The first one is to share news and informations on our blog, each month. Starting with the awaited come back of the “View on Productions” as well as news regarding the after-sale services.


Shipping of the showcases will start by the end of January. We’d like to apologize for the delays. However, the first batch of slipcovers was unacceptable. We had to launch a new one in a different factory and our team checked one by one each slipcover of the new batch to be sure, which caused delays. We will proceed to the first shipments and wait for clients’ feedbacks to be sure everything is alright, before going on with mass shipments.

Please note it is essential you watch the unboxing video prior to proceeding to the assembly of your showcase, and it’s a two-man job! Be sure to check all the components before starting the setup, and please contact our after-sale service immediately in case of problem.

For those wishing to order a showcase, this product will be available for sale at a later date, we will provide you more information on this topic in due course.


• GOKU:  Production is over. Asian retail customers and professionals are currently being delivered. The last shipments are planned for the end of March.

• VEGETA: Production is over. Most retail customers and professionals have been delivered, last shipments are being processed until the end of March.

• GRENDIZER: Production is going on smoothly. Regarding shipments, we had to set up a special procedure for this imposing piece: all statues are unpacked, checked by our teams, then pictures are sent to customers for approval before shipment on pallet. As soon as the validation is received, the carrier will pick up the statue and contact the customer to fix an appointment for the delivery. Please note that if the next production wave is good and in order to gain time, we will ship the statue directly without asking for approval, our after-sale service will of course be at your disposal if you meet any trouble on your piece. If you are all reactive, all customers who bought the piece through our website can be delivered by the end of April.

In addition, to compensate for the very long wait on this piece and to thank you for your patience, a special gift will be sent later to all clients – professionals included – who ordered this piece, at no additional cost. We will get back to you as soon as we have more information about this, before the end of the year.

• ADOLF: Production is over. The 10 last online customers and professionals outside Europe are being delivered.

• AIOLOS: Production is over. Last customers are being delivered. Shipments for professionals are being processed until the end of March.

• ACE:  Production is going on smoothly. Last shipments for customers and professionals are planned for the end of first semester 2019.

• GENOS:  Production is going on smoothly. The reception of the first containers is imminent, the deliveries will start once our internal QC will be completed. Shipments are scheduled to start in early February, all customers and professional are expected to be delivered in Q1 2019.

•  BROLY: Prototype is going on smoothly. We received the first factory sample and sent a few feedbacks in order to improve the statue. For the moment, no delays announced, first shipments are still planned for Q3 2019.

•  SAITAMA: Prototype is going on smoothly. We received the first factory samples, breakage tests are conclusive. For the moment, no delays announced, first shipments are still planned for Q1 2019.

•  DEATHMASK : Production is going on smoothly. The molding is being finished before the Chinese New Year and the paint job shall start just after holydays. First shipments are planned for the beginning of Q2 2019.

• REI : Preproduction is going on smoothly. First shipments are still planned for Q2 2019.

• HITSUGAYA : Production is going on smoothly, feedbacks are very positive. First shipments are still planned for Q2 2019.

• MADARA : There is no delay to announce, first shipments are still planned for Q2 2019.

• NATSU : There is no delay to announce, first shipments are still planned for Q2 2019.

Summary table of planned shipments:


We were forced to close our after-sales service in order to get up-to-date over all requests. Here are some recurring points to which we would like to answer:

• For Whitebeard’s balls and Aiolia’s lightning bolts, please open a ticket in order to process your request within the limit of available stocks.

• For Obito’s chain, please contact your resellers so they can introduce a request to our sales managers. If you ordered through our website, please follow the link on the product sheet to introduce a request and give us the reference of your Obito's order during the request.

• For any question related to productions status and shipments, all information is at your disposal on our website, products’ sheets, our FAQ, and our blog. Please do not open a ticket for this purpose and check the given dates online. Our after-sales service won’t be able to provide you with further information.

• The tickets categorization has been revamped, please be careful to choose a relevant one when opening a ticket in order to ensure the right processing of your request. By picking the wrong category, your request will take way longer to be processed by our teams. On the contrary, a right selection of your category will fasten the processing delay of your ticket.

Until next time,

The Tsume Team

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