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Dear Tsume fans, hello!

By reading this article, you will have news about the progress of the production of some statues as well as the modifications that will be made.

Chopper, Natsu and Sasuke fans, here you may find your interest!

-Tony Tony Chopper 

Some parts originally planned to be in PVC will be made of resin. Thus, although it was indicated on the original material sheet that the bodies of the Walk Point and the Horn point would be PVC, they will finally be cast in resin. In this way, we had to adjust the sculpture to limit the losses of details of the molds undercuts.

Following our break tests, Kung Fu Point’s tank top - Horn Point, Guard Point, Walk Point and Chopper’s ears - the cap straps - as well as Chopper’s backpack straps, will be produced in PVC to avoid breakage and overall to get a better final result. In addition, Chopper's cotton candy stalk will be made from metal to ensure better support.

Finally, there is no change regarding the statue delivery times. Tony Tony Chopper is on display at the Tsume Store Paris.


Following our aging and heat tests, we had to reduce the size of one of the flames. Indeed, these tests allowed us to note that after a while, the flame was deformed under the effect of its own weight, thus being stuck to Ignir’s back. Note that the first videos of unboxing that you will see, will present the old flame and not the new one, as you can see in gray in the photo below.

Regarding deliveries, shipments begin this month. The deliveries will last one more month due to concerns about electronic supply. All production will be delivered by August.


Susanoo’s arch and arrow were planned to be in PVC but will finally be made of resin. As originally stated, Sasuke's heads, sword and chidori, as well as susanoo's eyes will be PVC.

Finally, there is no change regarding the delivery times of the statue.

-Athena and Boa

The pre-engineering of the heads is finished. It was very difficult to maintain the air movement of the hair of these two characters. In fact, the creation of molds and the assembly process to achieve the desired result were quite complex. In any case, these efforts have paid off and we are very satisfied of the result :

We will soon inform you of the new delivery times. A delay is expected for Athena.

The latest news regarding the production process of other statues is as follows:

-The production of Broly original version is underway, while that of Broly KOD will be finished very soon. Deliveries will be made on time and will last one additional  month.

-Regarding Gaara, the first statues will be delivered in Asia in December.

- Krilin's production is progressing well, the T1 is on display at the Tsume Store Paris.

-The cast of Law are almost completed, ready to be painted. Also, there is no change regarding delivery times.

-The T1 of Naruto Kurama has been validated by our team on site, we will receive the production samples very soon! We are well advanced with pvc and the announced delivery dates remain the same.

-About Asimov, we count a 6 months delay in the delivery. Indeed, not being satisfied with the rendering, we want to take the time necessary to reach the desired level!

-Concerning Grendizer, you will discover the gift at the start of next year. The latter will be sent to all direct customers as well as store customers.

-Ranma's shipments will begin in January, while the statue is on display at the Tsume Store Paris.

-About Madara, all production will be completed before the Chinese New Year. Deliveries will last until March.

 -Finally, Rei's head has been fully corrected. We are waiting for the samples of the new head that will be made of resin.

Regarding the other statues, there is no significant change.

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