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Hello everyone,

The bell has rung, it's back to school! Also, we meet you today for a new update. On the program, the latest news concerning the progress of production and shipments, followed by the table of deliveries.

Let's start with our heroes Ranma HQS and All Might HQS whose productions are now finished. Shipments to Asia continue, while the last pieces to Luxembourg are at sea.

Deliveries of the Empress Boa Hancock HQS + began in Asia in July, while a salvo is currently at sea. She is joined by another formidable fighter, the unstoppable Sailor Moon HQS, of which a new salvo is also on the waves to Luxembourg.

Production of Naruto Kurama HQS continues, as well as its deliveries to Asia. However, we did not have the possibility of repatriating pieces to Luxembourg for this time, due to the lack of availability of containers. Without thinking twice, Sasuke HQS tries to beat him as several salvos of the rival are currently at sea to Luxembourg. Production continues, as well as shipments to Asia.

The monstrous Berserk HQS + has no difficulty in asserting itself: its production is finished. We received a container at the end of August, while a salvo is currently at sea towards Luxembourg. Following this, it will take a final wave of shipments to ensure that all customers are delivered.

Regarding Doctor Chopper HQS, production and shipments are continuing in Asia, while a salvo is at sea. Knowing that with their 3 bulky boxes taking up a significant place in the containers, we must repatriate these statues gradually.

For the Ichigo MUB, deliveries in Asia began in August, while a salvo is currently at sea.

Shipments of our two originals: Strongest Hero Saitama MUB and Pervy Sage Jiraiya HQS will begin this month in Asia. Although so far we have not been able to release parts due to a lack of container availability, the first shipments to Luxembourg should be able to be made in September as well.

Production of the mighty and all-powerful Athena HQS + is complete and deliveries to Asia continue, while a salvo is at sea. Necessarily, due to its impressive volume, shipments are made gradually due to the availability and space required in the containers. The Gold Saint Aquarius Camus HQS is lurking, with deliveries set to begin this month in Asia. We are looking for solutions to manage to send pieces by September to Luxembourg, so that he can offer his protection to the goddess of wisdom.

Regarding Pegasus HQS +, Shanks HQS and Hyuga HQS, their pre-production samples will be available this month. Deliveries should therefore begin in October in Asia, while we do everything possible to repatriate pieces to Luxembourg once available.

As for the formidable Ikigai Naruto, Sasuke, Oden and Zoro whose T1s were exhibited at Tsume Store Paris, we are continuing the development of their packaging, while the cast of Oden has started.

Regarding the Ikigai of the valiant Saga and Siegfried, their T1 should be available this month. The same goes for the mysterious Batman HQS+.

As for the fierce warriors Goku Kaio-ken HQS and Vegeta Galick Gun HQS, their T2s should also be available this month.

Regarding all the statues not mentioned, the information remains the same as that given in the last Prod Update articles available on the blog, or in their product sheets for the most recent statues.

The conditions and situation of global maritime transport remain very complex and restrictive to this day, so our efforts remain constant in order to be able to carry out the maximum number of shipments as soon as possible. Also, the table of deliveries below includes an anticipated margin relating to the current situation and possible developments, relating here, as usual, to estimated periods. In order for you to have a better understanding of the global transport situation and know the details, we will soon be posting a new “We Explain Things # 8” video on this subject on our TsumeArt Youtube channel!

With that, we'll leave you with the delivery table and see you soon on the networks!

The Tsume team

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