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Hello everyone!

The sun has finally decided to come out and he is now determined to settle down, so he instantly offered to the Prod Update of June to accompany him to make sure you stay up to date !

Let's start with the last statues in production we received.

We have received the preprod samples of Aquarius Camus HQS and Saitama MUB and we are very satisfied as some modifications only need to be made to their packaging and to the metal plate of the MUB. These two statues have therefore been exhibited since last weekend at the Tsume Store Paris so that the most curious ones can also take a look, knowing that there are many more reasons to visit the place since these two strong men are escorted by two powerful warriors! 

Indeed, Goku Kaio-ken HQS and Vegeta Galick Gun HQS T1s have also been on display at Tsume Store Paris since last weekend! Although the electronics of the statues are not yet functional and some improvements are planned, we wanted to show you these samples because we are delighted with this first test of the factory! 

But that's not all since we have also received the T1s of our last four Ikigai: Zoro (Wano), Oden, Naruto - 4th War and Sasuke - 4th War, also exhibited at the Tsume Store Paris alongside the casts of the very new Dubhe Alpha Siegfried and Gemini Saga Ikigai! We are satisfied with these first tests although some adjustments need to be made. Indeed, we are currently in the process of making changes on various minor and major points of the T1s, such as the positioning of the stickers, color tones, adjustments and interlocking, sanding areas as well as  faces which are also being improved. 

Concerning the other statues whose shipments are in progress, here is the latest news:

Regarding Athena HQS +, we unfortunately have to deplore bad news since the last container received showed moisture concerns. After our team opened each box, it turned out that all were too badly affected to be recovered. In fact, moisture damage is scattered all over the place, including in inaccessible areas, so we could not obtain a final product of optimal quality. We were therefore obliged to destroy the pieces of that container and expressly communicated the problem to the factory, which is now in the process of producing an additional salvo. Other Athena HQS + containers are currently at sea and as deliveries to Asia have gone well, there is no indication that the rest of the production will be affected. Of course, as usual, a QC on sampling will take place on receipt to ensure the conformity of pieces. 

Sailor Moon HQS deliveries continue and those of Boa Hancock HQS + have indeed started in Asia.

Still equal to himself, the pervy sage isn't hiding very far as deliveries of Jiraiya: One Last Heartbeat HQS will begin in Asia this month.

Regarding the two MUBs Ichigo and Saitama, as indicated above, we undertook to perfect their metal plate as well as their packaging before proceeding with the shipments. Indeed, not having been completely satisfied with the first proposals, this step seems essential to us to provide a premium product in its entirety, so deliveries should therefore begin in the third quarter.

Concerning Ape Not Kill Ape HQS +, not having been convinced by the last samples received, we urge the factory to do its utmost in the production of this statue, different in its realism. Deliveries should therefore also begin in the third quarter.

Regarding all other statues from the ranges HQS, HQS + and Ikigai, their estimated delivery periods currently remain the same as those indicated in the last Prod Update of April available on the blog. However, shipments outside of Asia may be somewhat delayed for the following reasons.

In fact, for more than two weeks, the usual port of departure for our products (Yantian) was closed due to an upsurge of Covid, almost all customs staff having been contaminated. For this reason, it is not possible to reserve a container there at this time and shipments should only be able to resume from August from this port.

Source :

In order to remedy this situation, we are currently trying to find another route/ port from which we could proceed to shipments as soon as possible. However, it must be considered that due to a missing port, the other ports, located further from the factories, quickly find themselves congested and it is not possible to use all the existing trajectories due to the geopolitical situations specific to certain territories and the resulting issues (eg: deliveries by train crossing Belarus are not recommended). The delays caused by the blockage of the Suez Canal are still not absorbed, so every day the number of containers awaiting departure increases in ports and the effects should be felt worldwide. Although the port of Yantian is now 40% operational, the competent bodies currently estimate an extension of the delays from 4 to 7 weeks due to all the accumulated delays and many containers waiting in recent weeks. Thus, Schenker asserts that while alternatives to transport goods via other gateways / routes are being established, the ripple effect of the “Ever Given - Suez Canal” incident, as well as the situation of the port of Yantian, are expected to have a prolonged impact on the lead times and availability of containers in Asia, beyond the current market challenges. In addition, the situation will necessarily have a ripple effect on the ports of arrival in Europe, generating a delay on arrival as well. 

For more information about the topic:

We are therefore doing our best and considering the various possibilities, as the news we manage to obtain on the situation are constantly evolving, in order to find a solution allowing us to leave our containers as soon as possible from China. For this reason, we will communicate the deliveries table in a next prod update when the situation is successful and obviously, we will keep you informed of the latest news through a new article!

Thank you for your understanding and see you very soon on social networks!

The Tsume Art team

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