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Hello everyone!

Between the Candlemas pancakes and the Carnival donuts, we suggest you take a little digestive break while sipping the refreshing February Prod' Update and its delicious mix of delivery and production information!

As previously reported, shipments of Ranma HQS and Berserk HQS+ have been completed, with the last shipments of the heroic United States of Smash HQS expected to take place during this first quarter (as they could not be finalized during the maintenance period).

Shipments of Athena HQS+, Ichigo MUB, Tony Tony Chopper HQS, and Kojiro Hyuga: Tiger Shot HQS continue worldwide and are expected to cease at the end of Q1, as production of the talented footballer has ended.

As previously also indicated, deliveries of the fearsome Boa Hancock HQS+ and Sailor Moon HQS, the inseparable Naruto Kyubi HQS and Sasuke Uchiha HQS and the unbeatable Saitama MUB should continue until the second quarter inclusive.

Deliveries of the legendary ninja Jiraiya: One Last Heartbeat HQS continue, being still scheduled until the third quarter inclusive. The same goes for the fervent Saint Aquarius Camus HQS, whose deliveries began in the last quarter of 2021 worldwide, being scheduled until the third quarter inclusive. Its production continues.

Emperor Shanks HQS hit Asian lands in January and is expected to travel to Europe and America during Q1, with deliveries still scheduled through Q3 inclusive. Deliveries of the knightly Pegasus Seiya HQS+ will start in early March worldwide and last until the third quarter inclusive.

Regarding the Ikigai Oden, Zoro, Naruto and Sasuke, deliveries began in December worldwide and should last until the second quarter inclusive for the two pirates and until the third quarter inclusive for the two ninjas, as indicated on their product sheet.

Deliveries of the dark knight Batman HQS+ should begin in March, being still planned until the third quarter included.

Shipments of the Galactic Opponents Goku Kaio-ken HQS and Vegeta Galick Gun HQS are scheduled to begin in April 2022 and should still last until Q2 2023 inclusive. Deliveries of Gajeel & Wendy HQS+ should also begin in the second quarter 2022 to continue until the first quarter of 2023 inclusive. The pre-production sample of the statue is currently visible at the Tsume Store Paris.

We received T2 from the bold Cygnus Hyoga HQS and Haku and Zabuza HQS, with improvements underway to meet our requirements. For these two statues as well, deliveries should begin in the second quarter of 2022, with deliveries of the Saint extending until the second quarter of 2023 inclusive and those of the ninjas until the first quarter of 2023 inclusive.

The fiery hero Natsu Dragnir MUB's T1 is in the process of being adjusted, knowing that we will be exhibiting the T2 at the Tsume Store Paris as soon as it is available. The same goes for the Ikigai Perona, Usopp, Saga, Siegfried, Shoto and Endeavor, of which we received the T1s which are currently being adjusted. As soon as they are available, we will exhibit the T2s at the Tsume Store Paris.

Concerning all the other statues not mentioned, in particular the latest Ikigai, please refer to the estimated delivery period indicated on their product sheet.

To end this digestive and informative break on a high note, here is the delivery table for your different statues by Tsume! Thank you for your attention and as always, stay connected so you don't miss anything!

The Tsume Team

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