Hello everyone, 

To end the year on a high note (unless we take one last gift out of our sack before the end of the year ...) Here is the production update of December, third in the series: a prod update that promises to be bulky in statue size! 

As for the monstrous Berserk HQS +: deliveries will begin in December and should last until summer 2021. Indeed, production is longer than expected as the statue, particularly massive, takes up a lot of space in the factory, whether in terms of production, storage or transport. 

Regarding our goddess Athena HQS +, the start of deliveries will take place from January and these should last until summer. Indeed, a late validation of the packaging prevented us from releasing it within the time estimated during the previous production update. 

Regarding our busts, Ichigo MUB and Saitama MUB, deliveries will begin in April 2021. We are currently studying the different packaging possibilities for these bulky pieces. 

Boa HQS +, our pirate princess will soon be sailing to your home with deliveries scheduled from March 2021. 

We wish you a wonderful end-of-year celebration and see you in 2021 for lots of news !! 

The Tsume Art team

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