Ongoing projects update!

Hello, As we promised a few weeks ago, time has come to update you on our ongoing projects.

Aiolia HQS by Tsume

You may have seen something on Facebook. We are working on the approval of the prototype with the licensor. As soon as we get greenlit, we will open preorders. Let's hope this comes soon.

White Beard HQS by Tsume

Production is going on and the container should leave China before the Chinese New Year break. This means the statue would be available during spring 2016.

Raoh HQS by Tsume

Production is almost over and container should leave in the very next weeks. Thus, we can schedule the availability of the statue around end of january or early february. raoh01

Shiryu HQS by Tsume

Production is over and the first container just left China. Now, shipping companies and customs are all that stands between you and your statue! Arrival planned before the end of December. Then other containers will follow. So we will start shipping as the statues arrive. This means shipping will start before Christmas holidays, unless customs keep the statues.   dav

Piccolo, Ichigo & Killer Bee HQS by Tsume

The factory received the Master tool for those three statues. Moulding is starting and even if there are lots of step yet before the production starts, we are on time.

Lucy HQF by Tsume

We just received the first master from the factory (T1 master). Even if it's not perfect, this is a very good base to start working. We are in the revision phase so that moulds will be smooth and the figures great. lucy02

Orochimaru DXtra by Tsume

Moulds are done and can be used to make the final piece. However, we are late with this project. Indeed, the factory that worked on this figure is growing and expanding with a new facility. If this is a great news for them, it's not for us. As they are growing and moving, Quality Control can't be as good as we need it to be. And with all this, the factory staff can't be focused on our project. Orochimaru We got our moulds back and found a new factory where we can have the attention we need and the quality we require for our figures. This factory has already sent us a T2 master which we find satisfactory. Production should start soon. Azzar'Hi project is also going on. Factory received the master tool and painted master. This is a very complex project so production will start after Chinese New Year break to avoir any problem. Yoka just released the French version of the Board Game created from Naruto Shippuden. English version will be available early next year. Iki is going great, especially with the Naruto modes. We asked the factories to create new pieces of them, with a new size chart to match European sizes. Availability scheduled for 2016 first trimester. By the way, check your Facebook newsfeed next month since December should have its share of surprises! Lastly, you should know that from next January we will improve our communication and issue each month an update of all our projects so you may always know where we stands!

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