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Hello everyone!

As you may have seen (or should see), Tsume has produced a new TNT show to mark its 10th anniversary as well as the first anniversary of the Tsume Store Paris.

If the show ended with the discovery of a strong duo with the opening of the pre-order of the two Goku Kaio-ken vs. Vegeta Galick Gun HQS by Tsume statues, it also and above all allowed us to address other important topics.

Today’s headlines: updated T & Cs, follow-up on deliveries, sneak peek of the new range and much more!

Terms and Conditions of Sale’s Update

Even if we have no doubt that you have not missed a single line or asterisk: here are clear explanations of these new T & Cs!

From the launch of Goku HQS and Vegeta HQS statues pre-orders, i.e. from November 11, 2020, Tsume undertakes to deliver its future HQS and HQS + statues available for pre-order within the time limits mentioned below and under the following conditions.

• Thus, for pre-order statues with a print run of up to 1600 pieces maximum, Tsume undertakes to deliver your statue between 12 and 18 months maximum after its invoice date.

• For pre-order statues with a print run of between 1601 and 2000 pieces maximum, Tsume undertakes to deliver your statue between 13 and 20 months maximum after its invoice date.

• For pre-order statues with a print run between 2001 and a maximum of 2,500 pieces, Tsume agrees to deliver your statue between 14 and 22 months maximum after its invoice date.

• For pre-order statues with a print run of between 2501 and 3000 pieces maximum, Tsume undertakes to deliver your statue between 15 and 24 months maximum after its invoice date.

In the event that you receive your address confirmation email after these deadlines, you have two options:

- Or decide to keep your pre-order and then receive a refund equivalent to 10% of the price invoiced for the statue, excluding the cost of postage.

- Either choose to cancel your pre-order and receive a full refund of the price charged for the statue, excluding the cost of postage.

Please note that if the address confirmation email turns out to have been received before the maximum period allowed for the statue and that the client has confirmed it only after this, he would then be out CGV conditions and therefore could not benefit from them.

What about the deliveries in progress? 

The information available in the last Production and Delivery Update of September published on the blog, is still valid to this day and the deadlines remain unchanged. Also, the Christmas trees should be beautifully decorated, as Tsume (Ho-ho-ho !!) is about to deliver, among others, a large number of Law HQS +, Chopper HQS, Naruto & Kurama HQS and Sasuke HQS statues , before the end of the year, after the usual QC on sampling. Regarding Natsu HQS + and Krillin HQS, deliveries continue, knowing that we are about to receive a new container shortly. No need to remind you (but just in case): don't hesitate to check the blog regularly so as not to miss the next news!

Rei HQS pre-orders 

Although the Rei HQS statue turned our heads, we kept them on our shoulders! Thus, to meet the requirements of our customers but also those of our company, know that each client, both individuals and professionals,  who has pre-ordered the Rei HQS statue, will receive a new head free of charge, (just for the statue, sorry!).

After-sales service and statues' interlocking

Do you see a little space between certain fitting parts of your statue? Know then that it is just necessary to be able to assemble the statue parts correctly. Indeed, resin being a material that can move under the effect of temperature and / or humidity, it is therefore necessary to plan and make sure that all the parts will be able to fit together once delivered. If, however, you think that there is a real problem with your peace, do not hesitate to write to our after-sales service to obtain assistance.

IKIGAI: what this new range will offer you! 

Here is a more precise idea of what awaits you: an answer to what you have been waiting for ! With this new range, Tsume will tackle its 3 major issues which are none other than: delivery times, the exhibition space of the statues and the price of the latter!

Indeed, more than a range, IKIGAI represents the very essence of Tsume, the evolution of a passionate and determined company! Following this model, we therefore decided to target and highlight iconic characters going on the attack, projecting themselves towards the enemy, ready to face all obstacles and above all to overcome them!

At 1/6 scale, in an ultra dynamic pose on a refined base, this character with high quality sculpt and paint and taking up a small space, can be exhibited alongside other characters from the same range and license to create a perfectly homogeneous and harmonious collection with an incredible result!

Many releases will arrive in the coming months, since more than 100 2D concepts have already been produced! Of course, this new, very different range will in no way interfere with the production and continuity of the other ranges of resin statues.

From which licences? None other than your favorites! (like One Piece, Saint Seiya, Bleach…. and many more!)

And what about the prices and delivery times? Yes, yes, they will both go down, to become accessible to all collectors and this in limited time.

Regarding the Ultimate Edition (alternate version in very limited edition) ... Oopsi, it sounds like I have already said too much?! See you at the IKIGAI presentation for more details!

See you very soon!

The Tsume Art team

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