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Hello everyone.

This week end took place the first edition of Metz'Torii. The event welcomed more than 10 000 visitors over two days.

At this occasion, a TSUME exhibition of almost 800 sqm introduced the different branches of the company, TSUME, CHIBITSUME, YOKA by TSUME, IKI by TSUME and TSUME ENTERTAINMENT.

We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone that came to see us and to all those that followed our LIVE filmed from the event on Saturday.

Overall view of the gallery exhibition

Booth IKI by TSUME

The latest productions by our factory were also displayed

The new Standing Characters by CHIBITSUME

The new XTRA by TSUME of Minato Namikaze and Hinata Hyuga (factory sample)

Savane HQF by TSUME (factory sample)

Shokichi Komachi hQS by TSUME (factory sample)

Hashirama HQS by TSUME (factory sample)

Azzar'hi HQS by TSUME (factory sample)

Our artists also made some demonstrations of their work at TSUME and did a signing session.

Demonstration of aerograph painting by Guillaume.

Hand sculpting demonstration by Maxime

Signing session by Chris

Signing session by Pierre Marie

Micka made an amazing LIVE graffiti on the thema of Terraformars

The event also included other exhibitions and activities among which video games, boardgames and cosplays.

We also prepared a TSUME LIVE for the occasion in order to show you our latest HQS to date.

The whole TSUME ENTERTAINMENT team was there.

The live went on under the watch of our Terraformars friend made by TSUME

Here is a little recap of what was said during the LIVE.

1) Cyril first talked about the fact that Dedo was at Rombas on Saturday night with his One Man show "Killing Joke".

2) We then showed the factory samples of The Beast Unleashed -RYU and The Beast Unleashed - EVIL RYU from the maker Kinetiquettes. Here is a little video presentation.

3) Cyril talked about the success of Aiolos and the fact that the painting process would be the same for the future Saint Seiya HQS by TSUME. The base complexity will depend on the feeling we want to retranscribe through our statues.

4) We also announced that we will be attending Anime Expo in Los Angeles in July.

Anime Expo

5) A video showing the new Standing Characters by TSUME was shown and Cyril explained how this new type of figures will enable us to release secondary characters that have rarely been adapted as a figure. 4 or 5 new licenses are already being worked on.

6) We also talked about the petition for Dai no Daibokuen (Dragon Quest: The Quest of Dai). This mythical series has had few adaptations in terms of merchandising. We hope to be able to get enough signatures to convince the right owners to let us create figures from this license. Since the LIVE happened, we reached the 2000 signatures! You can still contribute by signing here:

That's it for the news. The LIVE went on with the video of RECALE (Turned Down) from Antoine Schoumsky.

We then went over the production update:

•Regarding Grendizer, the base has been resculpted with more details which results in a delay of a few months in the production.

•For Aiolia, there is still roughly one month of work left. The shops should start to receive them soon.

•Broly HQS+ by TSUME may contain the body of Goku. We still don't know whether it will be a collector edition or something different.

•As for Berserk, we will need some more time. We were requested to make some changes. We hope to be able to start the preorders by the end of the year. We are planning to make a diorama with the 3 characters so that they can be displayed alone or as a trio.

The prod update was followed by the new video of the almost complete life of Adolf Reinhard by Biscuit Studio.

Then the artistic team unveiled the new HQS by TSUME Adolf Reinhard.

Adolf Reinhard HQS by TSUME

A video of the sculptor Pierre Marie explained how he worked on the Terraformars license.

We also had Patrick talking about the new XTRA by TSUME of Minato and Hinata. He explained that the new aim of the XTRA by TSUME line would be to get more detailed and complex figures.

To finish we had two surprise guests, Corin Nemec and Christopher Judge. 

They answered Cyril's questions about figure collection. You can find the interview in English at the end of the LIVE. The replay is available on our Facebook page. 

That's it for the latest news.

The event overall was great and we were able to meet a lot of fans. We hope you had a great time too.

See you at the next LIVE from Los Angeles in July!



FAIRY TAIL©Hiro Mashima・KODANSHA/FairyTailProject・TV TOKYO. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Kodansha Ltd., through MEDIATOON LICENSING


TERRA FORMARS© Yu Sasuga, Kenichi Tachibana/SHUEISHA, Project TERRAFORMARS

© Aleksi Briclot / Tsume

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