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Hello everyone!

Following the last production and delivery update published on the blog, we are back today with some unpublished photos and very last minute information about our three special guests : Law HQS + by Tsume, Natsu HQS + by Tsume, as well as Jiraiya Xtra by Tsume!

Law HQS +

“You can’t see the whole picture until you look at it from the out side.” - Law

From here, what we see is a tidal wave of Law HQS + shipments about to swarm into the world! Indeed, production is progressing very well and as you can see, the statues are being packed. Now, we just need to complete the production of accessories (artbox and metal plate) so that the Captain of the Heart Pirates can moor off to the first customers! Thus, deliveries to Asia will begin in early September, while deliveries to Europe will begin in October, after defining a specific date for the departure of the container.

Natsu HQS +

"I won't stop fighting when I'm tired. I'll stop fighting when you've shattered my heart into a thousand pieces!" - Natsu

For this same reason, we continue production and shipments on our momentum! In fact, let’s say that the production of the daring Natsu Dragneel HQS + is progressing very well. These colossal pieces require lots of space in the factory and storage optimization is therefore essential! Shipments are currently continuing to Asia and Europe, although we still have to establish the date of shipping of the container. In other words, we are all fired up imaging you receive this "little" gem at home!


Jiraiya XTRA

The container of figures displaying the effigy of the legendary ninja will leave at the end of July 2020 for Luxembourg. Thus, be careful as the Pervy Sage is expected to come to your home in September, while shipments to Asian customers will begin at the end of this month.

⚠️Please, note that the pictures illustrating this article are just an indication as the colors are not a reflection of reality, depending on the brightness of the room.

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See you soon for new Mangadventures! (Nobel Prize in Word Game, self-awarded)

To be continued… very soon …quite shortly …no more ideas for synonyms coming into my mind right now…

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