Kickstarter Campaign, last run !
We're entering the last 10 days of our Kickstarter Campaign with Aleksi Briclot. If you did not check it out earlier, please take a few minutes to do so, you might be surprised with what you'll find!

What is Azzar?Hi?

Azzar'Hi is the character that Aleksi (French artist) had created for the cover of his art book Worlds and Wonders featuring his best professional works from 2003 to 2010. Check out at the bottom of the page, we'll feature short stories to introduce her universe! Aleksi thought about this character as a synthetis of all his main works: epic, fantastic, with bit of magic, technology, scifi and dark feelings. Then, he began to write a wider background story for this iconic female character and developed an exciting universe with tons of other characters and creatures. Azzar'Hi is the entry point of a new universe ready to expand.

What does HQS mean?

After Cyril (Tsume's CEO) and Aleksi met, they decided to work together to create a statue created from Aleksi?s original art and made as the most technical product ever made by Tsume. HQS stands for High Quality Statue. It is our most impressive line of resin statues. Azzar?Hi is a gorgeous 50cm high resin statue, hand painted, limited and numbered. A marvelous creature born from our dreams to fulfill yours! We spent 2 years with Aleksi to create Azzar?Hi as the perfect collectible for Tsume and Aleksi?s fans. Even more, we feel like it is flawless for those who love beautiful statues. We believe that you would be as thrilled as we are by the stunning visual result.

Who are we?

Only 36 years old, Aleksi Briclot is already a world-renowned artist whose works reach every domains of the geek culture, illustrations, comic-books and videogames : Wizards of the Coast, Marvel Comics, Blizzard entertainment, Capcom, Ubisoft, Dark Horse or projects like Magic: The GatheringAdvanced Dungeons and Dragons 5thSpawnSplinter Cell : Double AgentRemember MeVampire: The Requiem? you name it! Cyril Marchiol is the CEO of Tsume, a small company based in Luxembourg in Europe. Tsume is specialised in the creation of resin statues and PVC figures of entertainment licenses such as Naruto ShippudenOne PieceHokuto no KenSaint SeiyaDragon Ball Z or Ultra Street Fighter IV. With a core team sharing a strong and long experience in the figurine universe, we greatly improved our skills since we created Tsume five years ago.  We've kept on pushing our 3D sculpting, 3D printing and painting standards further, in order to give the fans the best statues. All our products bear our passion and with Azzar'Hi, we want to achieve a true masterpiece.

How do we work?

Everything started with this illustration. It is the beginning of the existence of Azzar'Hi, one of Aleksi's very personal project. With Cyril, they decided she would be perfect to start a new statue, very artistic AND technical. With an interesting set of lightning, lots of details and of course, a great original design!

Aleksi talked a lot with Cyril Farudja, the great sculptor who translated his drawing to a real life sculpture. To achieve that, both had a lot of work to do. It was all about going into the details of what was not shown on the illustration, like how her mechanical claw and the complexity of how it works? Then came the 3D sculpting, with hundreds of hours of work to achieve the most resembling statue possible? dozens of exchanges with Aleksi to change the overall looks and design! It was all about passion and art! The next step was to print the first prototype. Of course, during the sculpting of Azzar'Hi, we anticipated and thought of ways to make it happen. Because laws of physics do apply in reality, on contrary of a drawing of course! This is a photo of the first prototype, ready to be painted. And after almost one hundred of hours of painting, here is the result! A stunning mirror image of what was once a piece of artwork! Azzar'Hi with pulse, she's ready to take off and come for you!

Why are we crowdfunding?

The resin statue market is filled with lots of wonderful products for fans of specific licenses (manga, comics, movies?). But if you like statues for the object itself and for its beauty, there is very few products developed without an existing franchise to support. Our goal with Azzar'Hi was to try and create a whole universe from scratch, all starting from the statue! We want to create the most amazing resin statue on both artistic and technical scale.

After those two years of work, time has come to show this baby to the world and to produce it. That?s where we need YOU! Producing such a great resin statue is quite expensive and that?s why we ask for your help. Because with all the work and love we put into Azzar?Hi, she will only come to life eventually because you request for it? Because you want to display her on your shelf! All the conception has already been done, your money will only be used to cover a part of the production cost of the final statue, the packaging with all the great things we want to include. The production will be limited to 250 Azzar?Hi statues and 50 Garage Kit. This will be the most exclusive statue ever done by Tsume!


Of course, we created a great reward plan with wonderful gifts for your pledges. And there is also some fancy surprises for the ones who can support us on a great scale!

I want several rewards (add-ons)

You want to get rewards based on different different pledges? Easy? Just choose the upper pledge, change the amount to reflect the other pledges you want to ask (if you want to add a tin plate to you statue, add 30? for instance). Don't forget to add the shipping fees in you calculations, please! Then, drop us a message on kickstarter to specify the add-on (we will get back to you at the end of the project, fear not!)

The universe of Azzar'Hi

Check out the project Azzar'Hi HQS by Tsume X Aleksi Briclot on Kickstarter


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