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Friday January 31st is the Chinese New Year. Since factories do stop their work for a few weeks, it's the best time to sum up our current ongoing productions. So let's see everything, I hope you do like reading!


Asura's Wrath HQS by Tsume

The chance is high that our huge diorama inspired by CAPCOM's Asura's Wrath will be our next release. Moulding are almost done so when the break is over, we have to finish the painting and the quality control. If everything goes as planned, expect this gorgeous statue to be available during June or July. Asura 01 This is a final product! Asura 02 So is this base!

Virgo no Shaka HQS by Tsume

Shaka was a very demanding project with a high level of engineering to achieve a stunning piece with lots of challenges. As you can see, the master piece is neat. Spirits have been casted in vinyl so they would not be to heavy and part of Shaka's body in in metal so it can bear great tensions and weight. We aim to release Shaka HQS by Tsume one or two months after Asura's Wrath HQS by Tsume is available. Fantômes en vinyle ! Vinyle phantoms! Shaka 02 You will have the choice of the head to display? Eyes opened or closed! Shaka 03 There is more to see than meet the eyes! Shaka 04 Burn, my cosmos!

Ulquiorra HQS by Tsume

While this piece might seem recent to you, since pre-orders opened in December), we have been working on Ulquiorra for a long time. And this is the first piece we create to have a metal sword. The factory has already started to mould, so Ulquiorra and Asura might be in competition for the  title of "Who gets to reach your home first"! Ulquiorra Just a few tweaks and we're good to go! Ulquiorra first pieces to be moulded?

Usopp & Zoro HQS by Tsume

Our two first One Piece's resin statues are very ambitious and require a lot of work. Especially Zoro has a lot of parts which makes the factory's work very hard. The swordsman might be released at the beginning of next semester, just before his crew mate!


Ciel & Sebastian Xtra by Tsume

As you can see, Ciel & Sebastian's figures are done. However, the factory could not achieve Quality control and packing before the break. The boxes you can see will be filled with the figures as soon as the factory is opened. So, you can guess that shipping of these should occur within the weeks after the Chinese New Year. Black Butler You can figure out what this is! Black Butler lots and lots of boxes? Black Butler Sebastian still very handsome? Black Butler ?with shiny shoes!

Erza HQF by Tsume

We had a few pieces done to be approved and they are now satisfactory. So production can go to the next step. If you are waiting for this fierce warrior to come, know that she should be shipped around the end of May. Erza 01 Painting and metallic effects? checked! Quelques exemplaires de prod pour la validation? We made few pieces to be approved? So, this is the end of our sum up of the production. Next insider article, I'll talk of upcoming statues and figures?

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