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Dear fans,

Here we go again with a new production update as well as the latest news of 2020. As you may have noticed or heard about it, the Chinese government has introduced some restrictions, including the lockdown of several regions, in order to prevent the proliferation of the coronavirus. Thus, it could have some impact on delivery times as well as production. In fact, if the products are not impacted, the workforce could be, as during the Chinese New Year the factories stop their activity and the workers return to their homes. Also, if some factories are in quarantined areas and are therefore blocked, others may see their resumption of activity slowed down because of workers who will not be able to return on the expected dates (in the case they went to one of those zones during the Chinese New Year). We are therefore waiting until the end of February to find out more about the situation and the Chinese government's decision-making. We will then be able to communicate with more details on the current and future situation, as well as the delays that could be generated.

Also, you will find below the production update that we wanted to publish before the announcement of those events. In the near future, this information could be modified depending on the government measures that will be taken. From then, we will be able to communicate more correct deadlines.

By the way, deliveries of Ace, Genos and Deathmask were scheduled to continue until May.

As the production of Saitama and Broly KOD is complete, the shipment of both statues was scheduled to continue until May.

For the original version of Broly, Natsu, Gaara and Krilin, deliveries have started in Asia, while the containers are at sea for Europe.

The production of Hitsugaya is well finished, there are about 20 pieces in the factory which had to be delivered until May.

Naruto Kurama's deliveries were due to start in April. We had indeed preferred to shift the production as the head required adjustments.

As Grendizer’s production is completed, shipments  were planned to last until April, while for Madara, shipments had to continue until June.

Deliveries of Ranma and Sailor Moon were scheduled to begin in May.

Regarding Rei, we still do not have satisfactory feedback from the factory about the new version of a part of the character. Also, as soon as we obtain a result that suits us, we will show it and the production of this part will begin.

About Law, deliveries were scheduled to begin in late March / early April towards Asia.

For the Final Fantasy IX statue, shipments were scheduled to start in April.

Regarding Athena, we are not satisfied with the product for the moment.

Finally, the statues of Berserk, Gears of War, Ichigo MUB, All Might, Saitama MUB, Chopper, Sasuke, Boa Hancock and Asimov, had to be delivered at the same periods as announced during the last production update/product sheet.

We remind you that the indications and deadlines announced above are those originally planned. Also, as soon as we have more precise information and more concrete deadlines, we will communicate about it through a new article with deadlines tables.

Thank you all for your understanding and see you soon for a new production uptdate!

The Tsume Art team

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