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Dear clients, hello!

Following our last article retracing the situation during the lockout period, find here more information about the resumption, in particular production and deliveries!

As we said previously, shipments were able to resume at the end of April and we count to date around 800 parcels sent in total!

We would like to thank our followers for being so patient, especially in these moments of crisis. For more informations, see you right after the production update!

Among the statues whose transit is currently in progress, stand Gaara HQS, Madara HQS +, Natsu HQS +, Krillin HQS, Broly HQS +, Broly KOD HQS +, as well as the latest Saitama HQS and Genos HQS.

Regarding PVC figures, Tsunade Xtra and Luxus HQF figures are also sent every day.

Regarding the Jiraiya Xtra figure, know that the container for our warehouse was blocked in China at the time of the announcement of the lockout period and thus could not leave at that time. We must therefore reschedule its shipment and will communicate a delivery date very quickly.

Regarding the Sonic Xtra figure, we are waiting the validation of the licensors about the box packaging, which had to be modified for all the old production. We will also communicate a delivery date as soon as possible.

As for the statues in production, know that flights to China are not yet re-authorized, and the factories are just as reluctant. Therefore, we will not be able to go there in the near future to control productions by ourselves. Consequently, we will have to receive the samples directly in Luxembourg, in order to correct them if necessary or to validate and send them back to China. These actions will therefore impact the process.

Now that you have a global vision on the situation, we will communicate the production / delivery update of the various statues in progress!

Thus, the production of Gaara HQS is almost finished and many statues will leave in the containers shortly. Deliveries are expected to last until the end of August.

We have validated the head of Rei HQS in Luxembourg and send it back to the factory for production, followed by a return for a new validation of the final part. We believe that the first statues should be delivered from August-September 2020, noting that the date of the start of deliveries will depend on our satisfaction with the final result observed, the quality of the statue remaining our priority.

Production of Law HQS+ is progressing well, although it has slowed down as staff work in reduced numbers at the factory. We are currently waiting for the printing of the boxes in order to be able to package the statues. We expect deliveries to begin in August 2020.

Final straight towards Choppers HQS delivery start, samples are coming ! We estimate that shipments will be starting from November 2020 and should last until March 2021. T1 of Chopper HQS is on display at Tsume Store Paris, dont hesitate to take a look if you are nearby !

This week, we received the T1 of Naruto Kurama HQS, which will soon be part of the exhibit at the Tsume Store Paris. We estimate that shipments should start in September 2020 and last until December 2020.

Regarding Sasuke HQS, all the resin parts have been finalized and we find their result very satisfactory. The injections of the PVC parts were also carried out, we are waiting to see the result once painted. In addition, we validated the installation of the eyes which will be taken back in factory and asked for a modification of the internal studs which we judge too visible. So, there are still a few changes to make, but we can already tell you that the transparent resin is mind blowing ! We estimate that deliveries should last from September 2020 to January 2021.

As you could see, the T1s of Ranma HQS and Sailor Moon HQS are both visible at Tsume Store Paris and we estimate that the delivery of each of these statues should last from September to November 2020.

Berserk HQS + is waiting for the physical validation of the licensor. We are hoping for starting deliveries from November 2020. Also, meeting deadlines will therefore depend on this validation. Stay tuned for further informations as soon as possible !

Regarding Boa Hancock HQS, the PVC molds are made and we could see the injections during our last trip to China. We are now waiting to receive the painted version as soon as possible. We believe that deliveries should start at best in November 2020 to individuals.

During our last trip to China in January, we also saw the T1 of All Might HQS which did not satisfy us at all, so there are a lot of changes to be made. Also, we are waiting to receive a T2 and a version that will fully satisfy us before starting production. We therefore estimate the first shipments in the quarter of 2021, knowing that this will depend on the final result observed.

Regarding Athena HQS +, we are waiting to receive the T1, knowing that a cast has already been done to be able to work on what remains to be done. We estimate the start of deliveries in the first quarter of 2021.

Regarding Gears of War HQS, we are waiting to receive a satisfactory T1 to start production.

The statues of Camus HQS, Korjiro Hyuga HQS and Jiraiya HQS are all in the engineering phase in the factories. We are doing our best for beginning the delivery from the second quarter of 2021.

Regarding Ape Not Kill Ape HQS +, we estimate that shipments will start in the third quarter of 2021.

The prototype of Shanks HQS arrived in China after the lockout, so that the engineering phase can begin. We estimate that deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Production and delivery of Madara HQS + continue, we will receive several containers shortly. Likewise, production and shipments of Krillin HQS, Broly HQS +, Broly KOD HQS + and Natsu HQS + statues continue and are expected to last until around the end of August, as with Madara HQS +.

The production of Ace HQS is over and some parts still in China will be repatriated very quickly.

Regarding the MUB range, we estimate that deliveries of MUB Ichigo and MUB Saitama should both start at the end of 2020 - beginning of 2021. As for the MUB Customizable Predator, we estimate the start of its delivery at the end of 2021.

Finally, know that 7 containers will leave China by next week, with inside statues of Gaara HQS, Final Fantasy IX HQS, Natsu HQS +, Broly HQS +, Broly KOD HQS +, but also the complete delivery of Asimov HQS, Kinetiquettes, Deathmask HQS, and finally the latest Saitama HQS and Genos HQS.

Now that you know more about deliveries and production, here is the other news we wanted to share with you !

As all of us was able to notice, the current situation are extremely complicated and defy our resiliency. Everybody, from people to company, is struggling and we wanted to thank you for still trusting our will to deliver the best statues.

For that reason, we’ve decided to give customers who have pre-ordered the following items on our website a 5% off voucher of the price of the pre ordered statue for each statue in this list (conditions below).

List of eligible statues:

- Rei HQS

- Asimov HQS

- Law HQS +

- Athena HQS +

- Berserk HQS +

- HQS Chopper

- All Might HQS

- Naruto & Kurama HQS

- Sasuke HQS

- Sailor Moon HQS

- Ranma ½ HQS

- Gears of War HQS

- Ichigo MUB

- Saitama MUB

- Madara HQS +

- Broly HQS +

- Broly KOD HQS +

- Gaara HQS

- Krilin HQS

- Natsu HQS +

Because we dont want people to feel disappointed, even the lucky ones that already got their statues will get their vouchers.

Customers who ordered one or more figures from the HQF or Xtra range, late in delivery, mentioned below, will receive a € 10 voucher.

List of these figures:

- Jiraiya Xtra

- Tsunade Xtra

- Sonic Xtra

- Luxus HQF

All of those vouchers will be valid for one year, usable at once only and non cumulative. Customers will be able to use it as soon as they get them.

Please note that we are currently testing on our servers to ensure the proper functionning. Once done, we proceed to mass mailing ! We keep you informed on this topic and get back to you end of the week!

We also dont forget our Grendizer HQS+ customers. We will update you as soon as possible.

To conclude, we would like to recall that all the information relating to the delivery dates appearing in this article announced in this article corresponds to the current situation. Therefore, please note that this information could be modified according to the evolution of the global health situation.

Find our delivery table below as well as the same content on video on our YouTube channel account.

See you soon,

The Tsume Art team

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