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Delay with the Tsume’s releases of 2nd quarter 2012
Due to some external causes and importants changes in our production flow, the schedule of our HQS by Tsume and HQF by Tsume figures and statues releases are to be delayed.

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Our second batch of statues HQS by Tsume (Phénix Ikki and Zaraki Kenpachi), at the end of 2011 and the beginning of the year 2012, has highlighted a few issues that could occur in some specific conditions. Our main goal being to always satisfy our customers by delivering a product as perfect as possible, we decided to change our production flow for the 3rd generation of the resin statues HQS by Tsume. However, this major decision has a major consequence, the release of the following statues or to be delayed:
  • Maka?s Faith, main character from Soul Eater
  • Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach
  • Art of Bang from the Naruto Shippuden?s franchise
These statues are to be available around august or September. Fairy Tail?s Gajil & Natsu will be available dunring the autumn. We apologize to every one of you who may have already preordered our statues and those who were eager for their availability. However, we believe that you will be convinced by the relevance of our decision by seeing the statues as they will be available. Friendly yours, Tsume?s team

There are a few reasons if Tsume looks towards the future trustfully?

Most of all are all our customers , wether they bought our products from retailer or on our website. Everyone of them has played a crucial part in Tsume?s evolution.

Beyound mere thanks, we owe them to show they were right to bet on us.

Indeed this delay is indeed a token of our dedication towards our fans, retailers and customers, as we set up new systems to protect our statues and manage the chain of production.

This is also a commitment into offering our customers a preorder system more flexible with a release date more accurate.

That?s also the reason why we always push further the limits of our creativity, work and ambition so we can find answers to any issue we might have got in the past.

In conclusion, I encourage all of you to come and meet us on our booth during Japan Expo from july 5th to 8th so we can answer all the questions you may have and show you the new generation of Tsume?s figures & statues?

Looking forward to seeing you,

Cyril Marchiol

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