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Hello everyone!

Following the recap of our Tora No Tsume show of November, here comes on the blog the new Prod' Update December: Part 1 and its (very) fresh news!

Concerning the statues Natsu HQS +, Krillin HQS (last sending wave from China in December), Sailor Moon HQS, Chopper HQS, Boa HQS +, All Might HQS, Saitama MUB, Camus HQS, Jiraiya HQS, Hyuga HQS, Planet of the Apes HQS + and Shanks HQS, the information set out in the last Production Update of September posted on the blog, including estimated delivery times, remains unchanged. You can thus consult them via the table of deliveries available at the end of the said blog article.

Regarding the other statues, here is the latest update:

As for Suichoken Nanto master Rei HQS, deliveries are expected to continue through February 2021. What about the new head (Rei’s one) that must be sent to the customers who ordered the statue? The 3D sculpture is currently being improved in order to be able to move on to the next stage of mass production. So, don't be surprised to find a head in your letterbox in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Captain Law HQS + deliveries are going with the flow and are expected to continue through March 2021, with the last wave of shipments from China scheduled for January.

Finally, all our individual customers having ordered the Laxus HQF figure on our website, will find it under their Christmas tree.

You want, no, you need more? So stay well connected to not miss the next Prod' Update December: Part 2 and the news about all other statues!

See you soon on social networks,

The Tsume Art team

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